Cityscapes as fantastically colorful panoramas are the preferred subject of German photographer Jochen Brillowski. His images are full of energy and invite for visual exploration. The large-format designs are ideal for the new Hahnemühle Panoramic papers in two Photo Rag ® grades. We are therefore pleased to present motifs by the photographer on the packaging of the two products. Urban Panoramas of Zurich and Cologne can be admired on the boxes for the new Photo Rag ® 308 in the Matt FineArt-line and on the box for Photo Rag ® Baryta in the Glossy FineArt line (on the back). Read more in the interview – e.g. on experimental photographic interpretations of his urban dreamscapes.

When did you discover your passion for photography?Jochen_Brillowski_Portrait_2016B_QUADRATISCH_MITTEL_2000px
My first encounter was with the fascination of the imaging I had in 1986 with a single-lens reflex camera and in the darkroom. In the analogue age I loved the slow emergence of the image which would arise on the white paper. Today I enjoy the natural light and the absence of chemicals while the image in Photoshop takes shape and then comes to physical life off the printer and onto genuine fine art paper.

How did you come to the world of cityscape photography?
My love for nocturnal cityscapes was born in Hamburg. At night alone in the port I could conjure up not only beautiful pictures, but it also relaxed me so wonderfully. This peaceful rest is possible while the camera with the many required long exposures images does the work. This is my personal form of yoga to get away from the madding crowd. So my preference was for night shots.

FullSizeRenderWhich of your projects/motifs opened the door to the art market/professional market?
It was the development of a very personal technology for my “Move It” series, which still exerts a special fascination. The images appear blurred and abstract from a distance, up close every observer can even detect the finest details. Abstract paintings of light and structures attract the eye. My images of this opera are a game with focus and blur, associations and recognition.

Who inspires you most?
I rather prefer the inspiration from other fields of art or photography. This can create a quite new perspective when you look beyond the borders and the table´s edge.

How would you describe your artistic / photographic style?
I like my pictures to be as kind of dream worlds, as they have reminded the visitor of a place in his mind or in his illusion. Radiant worlds without claiming to represent reality. In addition I love to snatch the night from its darkness and to bring to life and make the subject I´m capturing shine in vibrant colors. Reflecting water I use as an amplifier. I enjoy working ‘Crossover’, linking techniques from different genres. BRI_2315_Zürich_Grossmünster_Rathaus_Helmhausmuseum

What is most challenging in landscape photography?
To catch the right moment at which everything is just right: the sky, the moon, the illumination of the building, the wind, the weather and more. In the Zurich picture I knew at first glance what it should look like. But it took me six nights and 45 single shots until all outdoor conditions were finally perfect.

How important is the printed presentation of your works of art?
As nice as the speed and the worldwide possibilities of presentation by the new media are, in order to really enjoy an image it needs size and physical appearance. To present large sizes in a beautiful gallery-like atmosphere and to be able to take the viewer on a journey into the printed subject matter a perfect print is needed. My images work excellent of course, with the new panoramic papers from Hahnemühle. But it may also like to have the options for even bigger formats for me or my clients.
Which is your favorite Hahnemühle paper and why?

It always depends on the intended use. I especially love the wonderful velvety and structured surface of German Etching, which gives the picture something very special. My Berlin-Panorama in black and white on the German Etching® looks like an engraving with the finest image details. For extreme fine structures I also opt for Photo Rag® as one of my favorite papers.

Do you have a dream project you would like to realize sometime?
My pictures are dreamscapes and I`m lucky enough to work often in the most beautiful cities in the world. To that extent many cities are still on my to-do-list. I´d love to capture their architectural diversity and scenic lights in my panoramas.
What´s next?
The next special technique is already in the experimental stage. Away from the pure photography, it is multi-dimensional and three-dimensional. Of course in the end it must be printed on the finest Hahnemühle papers.

Thanks for the interview Jochen Brillowski.
More from this artist are shown on its website.

BRI_3563KÖLN_Dom und Kranhäuser

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