1584 by Hahnemühle Notebooks Stationery FineArt

Finest writing paper in a luxury notebook is an absolute must for analogue font lovers. Capture your thoughts wherever you are, do not let them get away!

We are celebrating the introduction of a new product line – Stationery FineArt  – and are constantly expanding our paper expertise in the field of writing culture.
Now you can win one your very own “1584 by Hahnemühle” in your preferable colour. Join  and tell us your thoughts about the new notebooks!

Our giveaway details can be found below. Join us and tell other notebook lovers!

1584 by Hahnemühle Notebook lilac Notebooks Stationery FineArt
1584 by Hahnemühle Notebook lilac
1584 by Hahnemühle Notebook peach Notebooks Stationery FineArt
1584 by Hahnemühle Notebook peach
1584 by Hahnemühle Notebook sea green Notebooks Stationery FineArt
1584 by Hahnemühle - Notebook sea green

The elegant “1584 by Hahnemühle” notebook is available in the finest of colours; sea green, lilac and peach. With its attractive, feminine design it is the perfect note-taking companion.

Thanks to the three colour-coded bookmark ribbons it is easy to find your appointments and notes, and a rubber band helps keeping your thoughts, little notes and pictures safe inside the notebook.

With 200 pages, “1584 by Hahnemühle” offers enough space to make appointments and reminders in your own style that brings back a bygone moment and tames the chaos of everyday life. 160 white pages of the finest writing paper with a 40-sided colour-coordinated core. The paper slides pleasantly through your fingers and is an absolute must for analogue font lovers. The haptic, durable cover of the notebook with a precious embossing on the back does not only protect the content, but it also makes the book a piece of jewellery that you like to surround yourself with.

In practical A5 format, it fits in any handbag so that thoughts and memories can be captured at any time.

1584 by Hahnemühle Notebooks - Stationery FineArt
1584 by Hahnemühle Notebooks - Stationery FineArt

How to stand a chance of winning a “1584 by Hahnemühle” notebook:

Comment below what you would like to capture in this stylish new notebook along with your favorite colour before April 3, 2019, 12pm CET *

The winners will be drawn on 4 April 2019 and informed by e-mail.

Please note:

* If you have not previously commented on our blog, your comment may not be visible until the next business day. We’ll unlock your first comment manually. All comments received by the deadline will be considered in the draw.

  1. I walk and photograph in the country lanes of Devon, UK. I hand make books of the photographs taken on the walks on Hahnemuhle papers, and include some text about what I have seen. With one of these fine notebooks (sea green would be my choice) I would make handwritten notes on each walk when I return, to hold them in one place for reference, ready and for making into another book.

  2. Anthony Falsarella

    EXCELLENT!!! I use notebooks all the time in my photography to record notes thoughts, etc. This would be great to add to my briefcase and camera bags. Definitely a great addition to already a fine line of products.

  3. I hand write all of my notes, ideas, and document the process (etch times/color formula/pressure settings) for every print I pull. I always hand write drafts for statements, proposals, and project descriptions. In addition to being a printmaker and user of your papers for my entire career, I also specialize in hand-lettering.

    Sea green is my favorite!

  4. Joela

    I journal my thoughts or reflections, or record things I want to remember such as travels or art exhibitions I’ve visited. Occasionally I add photos, or do a collage piece of the brochures from art exhibitions as my way to remember the visit and how it made me feel. One of these notebooks will be great to use as a journal and I particularly like the sea green one (what a beautiful colour!)

  5. Jackie

    I love the colors and having a three color-coded bookmark ribbon is an awesome enhancement. I’d like the sea green for my notebook. I’d record my observations of daily life.

  6. I used a

    I used a notebook to make a draft, noted what I needed to do or sketched a picture before I transferred it to watercolor paper and even recorded sermons in the church. I want all important ideas and things to be stored in a book that is not easily damaged and easy to carry. And I fell in love with the color of Sea Green.. thanks to Hahnemühle for making something valuable

    Would be happy if I win this for my birthday gift (on 3rd April), but i would be more happy if this 1584 by Hahnemühle Notebook available ASAP in Indonesia.

  7. I am writer and ilustrator, I wish I could get with inspires me to preserve beautiful tales and stories of my own perspective of the world around and inside of me. For someone like me, who loves the magic of natural waters and the Ocean itself, the Sea Green notebook is a perfect partner to the journey of Art.

  8. I usually go around exploring places around my city, and I would use the Sea Green book for documenting the erratic urbanisation that is taking place. The book would have a combination of several illustrations and writing, like an illustrated journal.

  9. Klara

    I am a portrait artist but I draw ilustrations and rough sketches with notes all the time, so one of these awesome note books would be great for traveling and for my (many) sleepless nights!
    The one in lilac is great!

  10. Dirk

    I’d write down all thoughts of my days and might go for a sketch here and there. So this would be a great companion! Sea green would be my colour!

  11. I am a tangle artist and I am constantly working on ideas for my Artangleology book series. I have notes all over my desktop and in the drawers and in folders. this beautiful book could be a one-stop storing place and it would be so amazing! I like all the colors, but my first choice would be the sea green. thank you for the opportunity!

  12. Alex

    I love Hahndmüld papers for watercolors so I’d love to have the notebook to write about my trios and explorations with watercolors. Its always so nice to accompany text with a little ink ilustrations and some color splashes. Fountain pens and watercolors are best friends so Id love to capture bits of the world in this beautiful paper

  13. Grace Brockway

    I’m learning calligraphy and hand lettering and I love to journal. I would just love to try my hand at different fonts and designs in the sea green journal!

  14. I would love to use this for journaling, and testing out my ink collection with my fountain pens

  15. Andrea

    I’m a digital and traditional artist and I use notebooks to keep track of everything. I’ll sometimes (often) sketch out an idea and add comments like what colors I envision, style, etc. With traditional media, I also note color combos that work, “recipes” for new colors. My wish lists and supplies I need to get also go in my notebook that I carry with me all the time. If I happen on an art shop, I got my shopping list right with me. I document everything in notebooks basically. I think the sea green notebook is beautiful and would complement my decor as well.

  16. Hello, I’m a self-taught artist and I enjoy Hahnemühle products for more than ten years. I paint in all possible media, but still was not able to make an illustrated journal. Now, when I’m becoming a baby it’s the perfect time to capture every day and every moment – the sea green 1584 would be perfect for this purpose

  17. Ramiro

    I draw and write quite often, but it is hard to come by such elegant notebooks. I would use it to record ideas and my current state of mind with drawings and texts, so I can come back to it in the future and reflect on who I was, and where I stand.

  18. Elmer Escoto

    I journal about my meditations in Stoic philosophy, trying to find ways to improve ad a person, husband, father, leader. These notebooks would make it a more sublime, or transcendental task, to write down my thoughts and impressions. The sea green looks awesome!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. I love the sea green notebook and will be hunting to find one here in Australia even if I don’t win! So happy you are expanding into notebooks for writing as well…

  20. I constantly have notes on any writing surface. There are always so many ideas on what to paint (on Hahnemühle paper of course!), a new series idea or even a scene from a book I hope to write. This book is just the right size to keep next to me and to keep all the ephemera in one place. No more losing that thought to a scrap piece of paper. I love all of the colors and am having trouble choosing but in the end I think I’d take the lilac one please. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  21. Hi! First of all, thanks for doing the best paper of all. I tried so many, but the « aquarelle le rouge, 300 g », is the only one I want to paint on now. The anniversary edition is awesome too, hope it will be available for some time!
    I would use this notebook to make sketches of the next weird characters I want to draw. The sea green is gorgeous!

  22. Cristina Maria

    I would like to note in this wonderful notebook all my photography ideas, poetry and thoughts. Everything that makes me happy. I would love to have the peach colored notebook please!

  23. There are two world class sculpture parks here that could fill all the journals, but I would start with sea green.

  24. Cecilia Tipton

    Family wedding with all the bride and groom, mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, sisters and brothers aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. Family vacation to Disneyworld and Caribbean cruise, plus holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. These could fill so many journals but the gathering for the wedding would be the first.

    • Barbara Knipper

      Dear Cecilia, congratulations, you have won a 1584 by Hahnemühle notebook. Please check your email account.

  25. Vinicius Sakihara

    Sometimes a notebook it’s like a friend, you wanna talk about your day, about the problems that you have, your fears, that crush that smile for you today (rsrs), and it will listen, after all it have no options \oo/. And this friend could be the sea green 😉 .

  26. Elisabeth Schardong

    I would love to capture the images of the streets and daily life in this notebook. My color of choice is lilac!

  27. I am mostly a watercolorist, been using some of Hahnemuehle’s papers for my watercolors so far. I’d love to test the possibilities of low-water watercolor on the pages of this notebook. I also have been very passionate about bullet journals, so my notebook would be a mix of a creative notebook, an organizer for my tasks and also a sketchbook with drawings of interesting things that surround me <3 Oh, and as for color, sea green because I love turquoise-ish tones!

  28. I use a notebook on potential photoshoot places to write down comments, ideas, scenery scketches and lights managment. That’s not only for me, but also for the client to figure out my proposal. That’s why I need premium pro notebooks and this new one fits my needs. Sea Green would be my choice.

  29. I’d love sitting in a little cafè with this notebook and illustrate the scene around me.

    My favourite colours are emerald and olive green.

  30. My favorite is 1584 by Hahnemühle Notebook sea green. And I would love to use it in this new phase of my life. Leaving abroad, getting to learn a new language, place, culture I need to organize myself in a way that I get things done. So I would use it to plan my future and control my present. I want something nice like this lovely sea green notebook to carry with me everywhere I go and having it after I finish to look back and be proud of what I accomplished.

  31. Thayani

    Hey , this is great. I’d like to illustrate and write my thoughts. Or maybe , plan my day. My favorite color is Persian blue.

  32. Ketki

    I love collecting motivational, inspirational and funny quotes. The sea green 1584 would be a dreamy addition to my journals .

  33. Fiona

    I use my notebooks to write down all my ideas in a day, they end up filing up pretty quick. Sea green is by far my favorite, reminds me of seashells and the ocean as a kid.

    • Barbara Knipper

      Dear Fiona, congratulations, you have won a 1584 by Hahnemühle notebook. Please check your email account.

  34. Candace

    I love my watercolor sketchbook so I would definitely love to use the SEA GREEN color for my watercolor ideas, sketching, and brain dump of all things art.

  35. I love notebooks, I use them all them time, for anything. If it it to write/sketch down ideas for future drawings or crafting. Or to quickly write down any crochet patterns I design. Notebooks are everywhere in my life, but at the same time I use a lot of single sheets for those things as well, and those sometimes get lost. hides.
    Thank you for the chance to let us win a notebook! My fav color would be sea green I think, but I love Lilac too. Hard to pick one xD

  36. Elaine Chak

    As Spring is coming, I would use the notebook to record my notes on the upcoming planting season for my garden. We are always forgetting what gets planted and when. I’m loving the sea green colour! Thanks!

  37. tush

    I always wanted to try your watercolour journal as i have seen some great reviews of it and some excellent work of art being done over it. This notebook looks amazing. I would love to have the peach colour and would be really happy if the papers are blank (not ruled). I wish I win

  38. HI! I loooooove stationary and especially such an amazing quality as yours. I’m a photographer and I love to use your texturized paper for my prints. I would be the happiest girl if I win your beautiful notebook! Seagrass (or peach) or anything from my favorite brand. Thank you!

  39. I typically use my notebooks for writing down thoughts, ideas, and things I need to remember. A lot of times I use them as sketchbooks as well, so I think especially the peach colored one from this series would be perfect for me!

  40. These books look so beautiful. I would fill mine with journaling and poetry. I make art now, but before art, I was a poet. Looking at these books make me long for a special place to write again.

  41. Kirsty

    I would love to use the Lilac notebook for a journal, recording joys and passions to look back on.

  42. Erica meraz

    I would use this note book to write down the cute and funny moments of my twins. And hand it down to them when they are older

  43. Susan C

    What a beautiful notebook! I would use it to record my thoughts and sketches of my daily life, then, once it was full, I would mail it to my granddaughter who lives halfway around the world from me, so I could share a bit of myself with her, and she would have a nice keepsake of her Nanny. I would choose the lilac. Thanks for the chance to win this!

    • Barbara Knipper

      Dear Susan, congratulationa, you have won a 1584 by Hahnemühle notebook. Please check your email account.

  44. I think this would make a lovely daily journal. The colours are all very nice but I think I like the lilac best.

  45. Shelley

    What a lovely giveaway. The colors sound beautiful, with lilac being my favorite. I keep several journals, some with day-to-day notes, some a collection of quotations, others filled with bits of information I want to keep. I would like to start writing poetry so if I win, that is what I will use the “1584 by Hahnemühle” notebook for. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  46. Wow! These are beautiful journals. The colors, lilac, peach, sea green – PERFECT! We are to choose just one? How can that be done? I guess I’d choose sea green as the last time I was hiking in the Dunes State Park, Lake Michigan was a combination of sea green, aqua, and navy blue. I would probably put the journal in my hiking pack. Sometimes on the trails (or resting benches), there are thought to jot down, birds to sketch, etc. I enjoy hiking solo. When some of my family members are available, they hike with me. When not hiking, I’d use the journal at bedside for morning pages and/or evening thoughts!

  47. Dee S

    All the quotes I collect would go into this journal. The perfect color is lilac!

  48. Linda

    I like the sea green colour. I would like to keep my thoughts and plans in this notebook.

  49. Laura

    I would use this for my modified bujo/art journal. I would love to see how it would react to wet media. I love the colors!

  50. Nancy

    There really is nothing quite as satisfying as being able to take notes, journal thoughts & draw in a beautiful journal. I would love to have one of these to use to express my thoughts & journey through my stage 4 cancer.

  51. fantine

    As an aspiring artist, I make copious notes on techniques that I learn along the way. Any one of the available colours would complement the notes, and various sketching in graphite/charcoal, as well as watercolour, as I continue on this path… Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful notebooks!

  52. Mary Hillebrand

    I’ve been trying to journal but mostly end up telling stories and saving ideas, quotes, pics etc. Would be handy to carry around with me. I appreciate the opportunity to win, I think I would choose lilac.

  53. I am currently writing letters to my granddaughter. She lives across the country, so after every visit, I write to her about what she is doing, her funny antics, what she is saying, my hopes for her, etc. It is more and more difficult to find stationery so this would be perfect! I’d love to add little drawings for her.

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