Upon Paper – a new art plattform initiated by Hahnemühle

Cover UPON PAPER MagazineMarch 2012 sees the launch of UPON PAPER in Berlin, a new, innovative platform creating a dialogue with visual artists of all kinds, as well as photographers, designers, architects, and anyone interested in art from around the world. The unifying theme is a passion for paper as a timeless medium for capturing ideas, dreams and visions and instigating debate. UPON PAPER is initiated by Hahnemühle FineArt.

UPON PAPER consists of three complementary strands: in UPON PAPER magazine paper becomes the stage for art, UPON PAPER space offers a space for exhibitions and conversation, which will continue to be discussed and investigated on the continually updated UPON PAPER website. An open dialogue between artists, architects, designers and filmmakers, musicians and writers is also a central concern of the project. Each medium – magazine, space, and website – plays with its potential and develops a unique form of communication and encounter. UPON PAPER is an initiative of Hahnemühle FineArt. The project emerged from the close connection between art and form and from a desire to create a contemporary and open platform for exchange between all art forms. One that goes beyond paper. As a magazine, UPON PAPER sets new standards in publishing. UPON PAPER magazine will appear twice a year as a remarkable publication, in every respect, be it content, layout or format.