UPON PAPER magazine #02: COLOR coming October 22, 2012

UPON PAPER #2 - HahnemühleUPON PAPER found its start in Berlin in March 2012 as an innovative platform for the exchange between artists, photographers, designers, and art enthusiasts from around the world. Following the successful launch of the XXL-magazine’s first issue – on the theme of Los Angeles – and the two exhibitions Planet L.A. and Niall O’Brien’s Good Rats, UPON PAPER #02 will be appearing on October 22, 2012. The second issue has taken COLOR as its main theme.

UPON PAPER is an initiative of Hahnemühle FineArt, and its concept is based on three complementary channels: the semiannual, monothematic, large-format (490 . 690 mm) magazine; the exhibition venue UPON PAPER space, in Berlin Mitte; and the professionally edited UPON PAPER web.


MICRO MUNDI by Elaine Duigenan ©Leland Melvin_NASA-Digital-FineASrt in Space

Eleven Artists and Hahnemühle

Focussing on Photokina we did select a collection of eleven works of eleven reknown artists working with Hahnemühle. Have fun watching them:


Hahnemühle news for photokina 2012

HARMAN Professional Inkjet by Hahnemühle Matt Fibre DuoAt the 2012 photokina, Hahnemühle will launch another paper intended for book and album printing. In cooperation with designer Michael Sontag, photographer Per Zennström will demonstrate the complete process of a fashion photography shoot at booth D017 in hall 06.1. Hahnemühle will also present the latest issue of the art magazine UPON PAPER. In addition, the fine art experts will demonstrate the variety and efficiency of precious fine art papers at part of the show ‘see me, feel me, print me’.

Hahnemühle wraps models in paper

Titled ‘No Limits – Paper makes creativity visible’, Hahnemühle will show the complete process of a fashion photography shoot: from the design to the perfect fine art print. To do so, star designer Michael Sontag wraps his models in dresses made of artist paper. Sontag doesn’t draw his collection, he rather works like a sculptor by draping the dresses right on the model. For the demonstrations in booth D017 in hall 06.1 he has created more than 10 dresses. A 30-minute making-of shows him creating the single copies.