Summary Creativeworld 2014: Hahnemühle the trend

Hahnemühle FineArt introduced two new products at this years Creativeworld /Paperworld. The paper manufacturer evoked a rapturous response with its “Style Sketch” a trendy product for “Urban Sketching”.  The stylish sketch book has a black cover with a colored core and a corresponding ring binding. Pablo Ientile, Illustrator and Urban Sketcher used the “Style Sketch” at the Hahnemühle booth and presented impressively the different applications of the high-quality papers. It is suitable for sketches, illustrations, designs and manga with pencils and coloured pens, as well as for fineliner, ink pens and watercolor and acrylic paints.


Neill Watson printing

A journey into first time printing on Hahnemühle inkjet paper

Photographer and writer Neill Watson recently began printing his own work for the first time on Hahnemühle paper. He was pleasantly surprised by the results he achieved and the simplicity of the process. Here, he kindly shares the details of his experience with us…..

“It surprised many people recently to find that I’m actually quite new to printing my own work. As a commercial and editorial photographer, the vast majority of my images are delivered not in a heavy duty card tube, but via FTP, DropBox or a DVD. Very often, the first time I see my images ‘in action’ are in automotive publications, on trade stand exhibitions or on corporate websites. So when The Signature Store contacted me with the idea of a limited edition print, signed by Sir Stirling Moss, I knew that simply hitting ‘Control+P’ wasn’t going to cut it.


Coming soon: 'Contrasts' are welcome in Hahnemühle´s annual art contest

Many artists wait in anticipation every year for the Hahnemühle Calendar competition. This pleases us greatly and we are now proud present the topic for the 2015 art calendar: Create the 2015 Hahnemühle Art Calendar with the topic “Contrasts”! We will be looking for the interplay of light and dark, colour and monochromatic or any…


Portraits with empathy by Leica photographer Mario Marino

Mario Marino was born in 1967 in Austria. He has been a photographer since 2000 and is based in Germany. Marino has a special partnership with Leica and Hahnemühle and uses our matt, textured William Turner Digital FineArt Paper for all his gallery and museum exhibitions as well as for collectors´editions. His work has been exhibited all over the world including Leica Gallery Salzburg, Art Fair Paris, National Portrait Gallery London,  Afrika Museum Nijmegen or at the moment at Empty Quarter Gallery Dubai.


Hahnemühle at the 2014 Creativeworld!

Creativeworld in Frankfurt on Main will be held from 25th to 28th January. Having emerged from the creativity area of the ‘Paperworld’, the Creativeworld as independent fair now represents the biggest gathering for artists as well as hobby and handicraft demand. It goes without saying that we as your conversant manufacturer of finest artist papers…