New video of our Compact Filtration Unit for the Microbiology

At Analytica 2014 in Munich – the leading trade fair for instrumental analytics, laboratory technology and biotechnology Hahnemühle presents a filtration unit for microbiology. The compact unit replaced three classical filtration components for a high sample throughput achieved on a  small working area. Take a look at the application in the video.

CONTRASTS are welcome in Hahnemühle´s art calendar contest

“I like the play of contrasts and use both complementary and chiaroscuro effects to create tension and bring vitality into my work. Regardless of technique and material, the precise expressive references  that I want to convey arise” says artist Cordula Kerlikowski. Her pictures in the invitation to this year’s painting competition for the Hahnemühle 2015 art…


Legionella – Invisible danger in the pipeline

Invisible danger lurks in many domestic bathrooms. Legionella, rod-shaped bacteria colonise in hot water pipes of large houses. The long tubes, in which some water is left, provide ideal breeding grounds. With temperatures around 50 degrees, the bacteria multiply rapidly. In the steam hundreds of bacteria’s can romp around and cause dangerous diseases by inhaling,…