We are 192 years older than the United States and according to the “German Standards – Encyclopedia of German World Market Leaders” we are playing  “in the royal league of German companies”. Read more about our history:

Owner’s history Hahnemuhle-echt-buetten-papier-mit-hahn-und-1584-e1357905768633

At February 27 th, 1584 the Duke of Braunschweig granted the right to build a papermill to paper making craftsman Merten Spieß. In the following time the “Reylingehäusische Papiermühle” – the first papermill in the surroundings of the mid mountains “Solling”- arose. The papermill was owned by the descendants of Merten Spieß for 185 years until August 1769. Carl Hahne renamed the mill into “Büttenpapierfabrik Hahnemühle”. In 1902 Hahnemühle was converted into a limited company (GmbH) and merged with Schleicher & Schuell, a company from Düren. In 2004 Hahnmühle was demerged from Schleicher & Schuell and operates independently since then.

Product’s history

Up to the end of the 19th century Hahnemühle existed as a small manufacturer with less than 15 employees. The main products were finest handmade writing and foolscap papers. Under the leadership of Carl Hahne the production of artist paper and high purity filter paper began and the mill grew up. In the 1920th there were more than 120 employees. In the Industrialization era the production of artist papers became more and more. The first paper machine was a mould made paper machine, installed in the early 1920th. A Fourdrinier machine followed. Papier - Paper Although the production became more and more mechanized, until the 1960th some of the papers were made completely by hand. In the 1970th Hahnemühle developed the first acid free and achivable machine made paper. In the late 1990 the first Fine Art Inkjet papers were developed based on traditional artist papers. The highly arwarded Digital FineArt Collection is the worldmarket leading paper range today. Galleries, museums and collectors trust in papers “Made in Germany”. Today Hahnemühle is one of the last paper mills which produced high quality traditional and digital artist papers and high purity specialty papers for various purposes. It’s a unique fact that Hahnemühle produces its paper at the same place for 430 years.

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