Hahnemühle - The finest paper

Many companies claim to be steeped in tradition. But finding a company that is more entitled than us – the paper manufacturer Hahnemühle, founded back in 1584 in Dassel, Germany – to boast this embodiment of reliability, experience and quality will be extremely difficult.

What initially began with handmade writing paper later was complemented by art paper and more recently, the papers for the digital FineArt inkjet print that have been invented by us. Hahnemühle also develops and produces high-purity papers for technical and life science applications.

Meanwhile, our traditional artist papers still are manufactured according to old recipes from high-quality cellulose and pure spring water. Our paper technologists also are reliable partners for artists, technicians and scientists when it comes to new applications in the artist market and the industry area.

We manufacture exactly according to the requirements of our customers while developing products for new market segments at the same time. Our motto always has been ‘Quality instead of Quantity’.

The production, however, has taken place for more than 440 years at the same location – at the highest quality level with innovation spirit and strong tradition. Hahnemühle today has subsidiaries in the UK, France, the USA, Singapore and China.

Hahnemuehle Brand of the Century 2022