On all the days of the exhibition, selected works of renowned photographers will be given away in limited edition as fine art prints. In an exclusive photokina edition 50 upt to 125 prints will be signed by Joachim Schmeisser, Peter Braunholz, René Staud, Werner Richner, Martin Häusler und Manfred Kriegelstein. Lean more on each photographer and catch a print with collector´s value at our stand hall 3.1, A25.

In the endangered wildlife of East Africa Joachim Schmeisser captures impressive and unique
portraits of orphaned elephants. In cooperation with “The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust” his
large format photographs draw attention to the threats which these animals are exposed to.
In 2012 he was awarded for this work with the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award. Joachim
Schmeisser signs one of his iconic images “Golden Giant II” on Tuesday, September 22, 2-3 pm.

“My work is based on the idea of revealing layers of reality which are imperceptible through the naked eye. The resulting images often appear as unreal, manipulated or staged, but contain real impressions of our surroundings instead. I create different, unique styles for the themes I work on. Therefore you will find uncommon diversity in my work.” Meet award winning Photographic Artist Peter Braunholz on Wednesday, September 21, 2-3 pm.

René Staud is considered visionary, his campaigns are legendary. Staud Studios set standards in car photography. He has photographed on every continent all major brands. His imagery stands for authenticity, aesthetics, perfect
perspectives and composition as well as gorgeous landscapes and backdrops. His use of light is masterful and rich in detail, but never fussy or frilly. René Staud signs one of his “Milestone” motifs on Thursday September 22, 4-5 pm.

“The intensity starts when time is not important,” Werner Richner stated upon his picturesque landscapes or reduced architectural motifs, which he prints exclusively on Hahnemühle paper. We are pleased to collaborate with professional photographer Werner Richner who can boast a long list of international publications and exhibitions. He will sign on Friday September 23, 2016 2-3 pm a print from his series “Spectacle of the landscape”.

Martin Häusler has made himself a name capturing international rock stars, Hollywood actors and models. His ‘creative peace’, as he likes to call it, is something he ultimately found in the intimate work with the talent in front of his camera. Finding a new angle to a well-known face and looking to surprise the viewer is something he always aims for. Martin Häusler will autograph a fashion shot from his new series ‘Cuba Beatuy’ on Saturday September 24, 2-3 pm.

“My photographic focus is the ‘aesthetics of transience’. I started capturing abandoned Russian barracks near Berlin more than 20 years ago. Long before the term ‘lost places’ popped up. For those motifs Museum Etching paper is perfect for finest colour nuances and its structure underlines the painterly quality of my images and leads to a fascinating
sculptural effect.” Manfred Kriegelstein is on Sunday September 25, 11-12 am our Photokina guest.

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