The most comprehensive exhibition on the unique history of the capital of Brazil, on a worldwide tour and so far more than 200,000 visitors, is on display from December, 12th  at the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin. With 200 exhibits – including photographs by Peter Scheider from the construction period and Fabio Columbini from today´s Brasília – the emergence and development of the city is depicted. The reproductions of the analog black and white photos from the 1960s and the current architectural motifs from the metropolis are printed on the finest Hahnemühle Photo Rag ® Ultra Smooth.
Louis @ Nicéphore – Fotopioniere in Berlin printed many motives as Hahnemühle Certified Studio.

Peter Scheier Zufahrtsstraße nach Brasilia 1960Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek comitted in the mid-1950s a political statement: Nothing in this modern city should remind to Brazil’s colonial past. A new focus in the middle of the country should balance the cities in the east of Brazil. Where previously lived a few underprivileged rural workers and day laborers, the most modern city in the world has to be built as a sign of the start of a new, independent and strong nation.

Urban planner Lúcio Costa (1902-1998) and architect Oscar Niemeyer (1907-2012), already at that time one of the most renowned architects of Brazil, realized the dream of a modern metropolis for half a million people from 1956 to 1960 with the help of 50,000 workers.

In addition to photographs sketches, manuscripts, paintings and archive materials illustrate how the city was transferred from the drawing board to reality within just four years.Brasília-DF, 2003: Catedral Metropolitana à noite .

Hahnemühle participates within the framework of the two-year partnership program Alemanha+Brasil in the exhibition, because the German artist papermanufacturer maintains very good relationships with photographers and fine art print studios in Brazil.

The exhibition dates :

Brasília – Von der Utopie zur Hauptstadt
December, 13th to February, 16th 2014

Brazilian Embassy in Berlin
Wallstraße 57
10179 Berlin

Brasilia Von der Utopie zur Hauptstadt

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