The art of etching

Dr. Claudia Binder describes her etchings as fine-grained, multi-layered and associative. To capture the “impression of a moment” in her prints thrilled the medical doctor and artist.

Photo Rag Panoramic Altar Artwork

12 panels of Natural Stone Photography – each panel larger than life-size – printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® 308 make the unique artwork ‘Ekklesia’ by Leslie D. Bartlett from Massachusetts, USA. We at Hahenmühle had been impressed by the idea of  a huge fine art print panorama and invited Leslie to tell us more about…


How filter paper is made?

What is filter paper made of? What quality requirements do these technical papers meet? For which applications can they be used? Can Hahnemühle develop papers according to individual customer requirements? Answers to these questions are provided by regular ‘in house’ workshops for laboratory traders and customers from industry and research. In addition to our artist…


Architecture Photography – Interview with Matteo Cirenei

Milan based photographer Matteo Cirenei was born in 1965. He graduated in Architecture at Milan’s Polytechnic and collaborates with architecture, design and fashion publications including Interni, Style, Domus, and with major fashion and furniture companies. In the early ‘90s, he began his photographic research in black and white on Architecture, while shooting extremely particular cuts of…


Simonetta Gianfelice for Valentino - Rome 1983

Photographer Portrait: Italian High Fashion Photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri

For nearly 60 years, Gian Paolo Barbieri has been at the forefront of international fashion and art photography.  Collaborating with Valentino to invent today’s modern advertising campaign, Barbieri’s work has graced the pages of Italian, American, German, Russian and French version of Vogue, L’Officiel, GQ, and Vanity Fair. Barbieri’s groundbreaking commercial campaigns for: Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent,…


Platinum/Palladium Print by Paul Cunningham

“It´s a magical moment” says Paul Cunningham from The Cunningham Press in Portland, Oregon, when his analog image bursts into life. Enjoy the video about printmaking in the traditional way using alternative techniques and the new uncoated Hahnemühle Platinum Rag paper. Originally developed for platinum and palladium printing, the paper is used and recommended for…


Passion for Photography and Large Scale Prints: Drew Doggett (USA)

Searching for rarely seen subjects, US-american photographer Drew Doggett has traveled to remote corners of the world to photograph and chronicle people, animals and places that are truly remarkable. Depicted in their natural environments, Drew’s photography captures indigenous cultures and communities through a modern lens; scaled, crafted and finally printed for the most compelling visual impact. Drew´s…


‘Maritime World’ is the theme of Hahnemühle´s Art Calendar 2018

Countdown is running: ‘Maritime World’ will be the title of the Hahnemühle Art Calendar 2018. We are looking forward to submissions from all over the world in our new painting contest. Capture maritime moods, landscapes, fashion or moments: distant shores, dreamlike cruises or relaxing views of the sea. Just as Alexa Dilla did in her…


Test our novelties! THE GREY BOOK, BRISTOL &Britannia hot pressed

Would you like to try out our new products? We will be giving away three sample packs of each new product: BRISTOL, Britannia and THE GREYBOOK. The sample packs contain three sheets in size 16 x 23 cm and a flyer including all the product information. The brand new products were shown at Creativeworld for…


Quote – Peggy Rustler

“I have never achieved such brilliant colours with the rough paper I´m used to. Since the paints remain on the surface of the new ‘Britannia hot pressed’ paper, they light up very intensely. Several layers can be superimposed, are wonderfully translucent, and every single layer retains its luminosity.” Peggy Rustler has tested the new academy…