“It´s a magical moment” says Paul Cunningham from The Cunningham Press in Portland, Oregon, when his analog image bursts into life. Enjoy the video about printmaking in the traditional way using alternative techniques and the new uncoated Hahnemühle Platinum Rag paper. Originally developed for platinum and palladium printing, the paper is used and recommended for cyanotype, Kallitype, Van Dyke, salt and gum printing as well as carbon printing. For more information on the paper and quotes from artists click over for our story of how the paper was born.


“I have never achieved such brilliant colours with the rough paper I´m used to. Since the paints remain on the surface of the new ‘Britannia hot pressed’ paper, they light up very intensely. Several layers can be superimposed, are wonderfully translucent, and every single layer retains its luminosity.”

Peggy Rustler has tested the new academy watercolour paper and reported on it in her blog. A video shows her wonderfully bright motifs and summarises her experiences with the new ‘Britannia hot pressed’.


“I appreciate the new BRISTOL drawing paper for its versatility. It is perfect for all drawing techniques and for ink. It is sturdy and ultra-smooth. I like the precise lines of pencils, ink, charcoal and crayons and the opaque colours. The colours do not bleed. BRISTOL will be an indispensable companion for my workshops or simply for traveling.”

Audry Backs on the BRISTOL paper for graphic, design and illustration. A Hahnemühle novelty at Creativeworld 2017. Audry Backs is going to draw on the new paper and all other novelties for traditional arts at Hahnemühle´s stand in hall 4.1. We keep you updated on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter . First of all, there is more information in the press section of our blog.


“It was a great pleasure for me to test the paper in advance and I can imagine, to work with the paper permanently.
I prefer it to other papers I’ve used so far.”

Ewa Ludwiczak, painter, about a new hot pressed watercolour paper by Hahnemühle.
Click for more information about the paper which will be presented at Creativeworld 2017.



3rd Christmas Raffle – Nostalgie Sketchbook landscape format

On the third Advent you have the opportunity to win a product from our Traditional FineArt range again. Win one of four Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbooks including 80 pages of heavy, natural white paper with a surface weight of 190gsm and a fine grain that makes pens slide over the surface on its own. Suitable for…


+++ Hahnemühle Calendar Contest: Winners are announced +++

We proudly present 12 victorious motifs for Hahnemühle´s art calendar 2017. “Animals” of all kinds in different techniques are the result of our annual painting contest. Congratulation to all winners and thanks for participating to all artists who submitted to the competition!

“Put a spotlight on your pet or capture a wild creature with pens or paints!” This had been our call for entries for the Hahnemühle Art Calendar 2017 demanding fascinating animal-world themes.

Over 1,100 artists from 44 countries followed our call and submitted more than 2,600 images.

A short list of 36 motifs can be admired in a video and the jury´s selection of 12 calendar images you could find on our website. Now you can see yourself how different the winning pictures deal with the topic “Animals”.

The exclusive art calendar is a present for Hahnemühle´s business partners around the globe. You can´t buy it, just win one in a raffle we are going to conduct later here on our blog. Stay tuned!