Bodypaintings by Trina Merry reproduced as fine art prints

Her images outsmart our eyes. Illusionistic photographs make Trina Merry bodypaintings and landscapes merge. The ‘Trompe l’oeil’ works of art by the New York based artist are printed as collectors’ pieces for museums on Hahnemühle Photo Rag®. The painterly quality of her art on the genuine artist paper for fine art inkjet printing add up…


Hahnemühle´s painting contest will be 'bestial'

Have you sharpened your pencils, set the colour palette, did you opt for a painting or drawing technique and have you already chosen your favoured Hahnemühle or Lana paper? Not yet? Then it’s time for the annual calendar contest Hahnemühle. The call for entries has just begun. This year it becomes bestial: Whether wild or…

more – Tangle Tiles by Hahnemühle for meditative drawing

Are you tangling or want to get started? Are you looking for the perfect paper as well as a handy storage box? Then have a look at Hahnemühle´s new video featuring cards in a stylish metal box! Add a bit of luxury to your meditative drawing: Each little tin contains 25 tiles of the…


Merry Christmas raffle!

Dear Hahnemühle friends For us this year ends with good news: Hahnemühle had been awarded as ‘Brand of the Century’. This makes us proud and we go with good cheer for 2016. That’s what we wish you, the Hahnemühle fans, too! You realise with impressive inspiration versatile projects on our papers, we report about on…


George Kordis – Interprets Man's Relationship with Man

Written by Lesia Maruschak World renowned artist George Kordis is an interpreter of man’s relationship with man. This curious and ever evolving artistic genius has a passion for engaging the spectator in what is a living artform with a surrealistic expressionistic voice.