Coffee on cards – art with the brown caffeinated beverage by Janaina Santos on Hahnemühle Watercolour postacards. We have found the artist from Brazil and her cute painted love stories “Coffeelings AmarAmor” on Instagram hashtagged #Hahnemuehle. Now we are pleased to present a guest article by her.

JanaSantosIt started with an accident on my work desk. After my friend served me some coffee, distractedly I dropped half the coffee over an important document. I could not throw it in the trash, so I had to wait for it to dry and the result was simply amazing. I loved all the nuances and shades and wanted to try this technique, intentionally (laughs). So I made my first draft … coffeelings_hipoaniversário

As was already thinking about the idea of producing some postcards, hand-drawn, to send to some friends, I found these two very attractive options. Card and Café. This project was then the joint of my big passion and nostalgic for sending letters and postcards as a loving way to approach someone who is far away. Immediately, opposite situation the opportunity we have to enjoy a coffee aroma done on time with someone who is close. Thus, I decided to create my way to carry this love and warmth on paper anywhere in the world. The cards customized and painted with coffee, using techniques similar to watercolours, seemed like a great option. Yet the cards needed a quality material for conducting this process, ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition to their destinations. It was then that on a short trip to Rio de Janeiro to attend a Graffiti event, walking around the city, I went into a small and fine arts supply store and I found a tin that caught my attention. It was the Hahnemühle Watercolour postacards box, in the required format for postcards with line for adress and top paper quality to work with my painting techniques. It was love at first sight. That charming and small metal box, was mine.

It was from that moment that I developed my brand “Coffeelings AmarAmor”, the card with coffee and feelings, to send love to anywhere in the world.They are sent to close friends and are made exclusively and thematic always special. I believe that the same drops of coffee that can accidentally fall and tarnish an important document or your favorite clothes, gain the possibility to leave nice marks on the life of someone special. I  hope this love could reach Germany, Japan, Africa, Siberia …

If anyone in the world want to receive the card may contact my facebook page. Find ‘Coffeefeelings AmarAmor’ also on Instagram.

Janaina Santos, São Paulo, Brazil

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