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‘Style Sketch’ is a fancy spiral-binding sketch book with eye-catcher effect: The solid covers feature a colourful inner core in trendy red, blue or green and a spiral attuned to the inner core’s colour.

On the Creativeworld the globetrotting artist and Urban Sketcher Pablo Ientile will demonstrate his art in the new “Style Sketch” books from Hahnemühle. He has tested them in advance: ‘I’m an Urban Sketcher and prefer drawing the street life in cities and their architecture. When I travel around the world, I always take Hahnemühle sketch books and booklets with me as the paper is suitable for all my painting tools. The books and booklets are easy and extremely handy to transport as well as the hardcover provides a stable underground and best protection. Hahnemühle´s sketch paper is wonderful for quick sketches but also for detailed elaborate colored works.’

The precious cover can be fully opened to provide a sturdy base for studies and notes. The sketch paper in the ‘Style Sketch’ booklets features a full-grained structure and a grammage of 120gsm.The white paper with its decently structured surface animates the pictures in a pleasant way. In the case of watercolours and pencil, charcoal or red chalk, a good colour abrasion is guaranteed – and nonetheless, the paper is smooth enough for ink-pencils.

This all-rounder comes with 64 sheets/128 pages for mobile sketching – practical and at any time. ‘Style Sketch’ can be purchased by colour loving customers in the formats A6, A5, A4 and A3.

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