“The democratization of photography” is a wonderful exhibition of the highest recognition in Brazil. The portraits of ordinary workers by Assis Horta captured after 1943 when the workers law (CLT) came into effect are now on display as excellent elaborated Fine Art photo prints at the presidential palace in Brasilia. Guilherme Horta from Studio Anta researched and curated these stunning series and chose Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth. The exposition is a great cooperation between people dedicated to the art of photography and we are proud to be a part of it. Thanks to Assis Horta, Guilherme Horta at Studio Anta and Carlos Nasciemento our Brazilian distributor at Solucao & Imagem.Guilherme Horta stated: “The Photographic Portrait is a long exercise of relationship between the model and the photographer. A brief look away, a frown, or a thought may change the face of a story. It is a moment in photography that challenges time and reveals magical aspects. Mr. Assis Horta conducted these sessions like a Maestro, using only one click to reveal the human being that presented himself. The chain, the carpet, the painted background and a side window light make up the set for this magic. Alone, with friends, wife or with his sons, the brazilian blue collar worker, who had already reached his identity as a citizen, reaches his dream, dignity and eternity through the portrait.” The Democratization of Portrait Photo Assis Horta1

On show are two different type of portraits: pure workers faces hardened by labor for their professional ID-cards.  Assis Horta recorded on glass plates in the city of Diamantina and his series of portraits in 3 × 4 really excites.  Most of the proletarians of the time were treading on a photographic studio for the first time. And from this experience, workers and citizens from Diamantina begin to return to the studio, however, with other ambitions: to have a decent, proud  picture that marks a break. It was the time when the photographic portrait begins to be democratised, and everyone begins to understand its true value.The Democratization of Portrait Photo Assis Horta2
Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth 64″ was chosen by Guilherme Horta/Studio Anta (Hahnemühle Certified Studio in Belo Horizonte) for its quality, natural whiteness, smooth texture and unique size to print up to lifesize images. Carlos Nasciemento, our Brazilian distributor at Solucao & Imagem added: “Several photographers from major newspapers came to me to learn more about the fantastic German paper. I had to spell Hahnemühle to all of them.”

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