The Peruvian artist Casanova Sorolla developed a method to visualize invisible lines of choreography and presented the results of this project “Signapura” as a thesis. It was shown in a video presentation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Sorolla cooperated with the Slovakian National Ballet

Sorolla began to capture the movements of ballet dancers by using pigments several years ago. In one of his last works he visualizes choreography on an oversized paper installation.
The choreography by Lev Ivanov, Four Little Swans from Swan Lake was performed by the Slovak National Ballett on 90 m² paper. A photograph transformed the result into a fusion of drawing, dance, photography and film as a documentary.

“An invisible world is running parallel to a dance moment. This world is also considered as past in which all movements are stored, a dimension that can hold our thoughts for a limited moment, “says Casanova Sorolla.
“With paper and pigments traces are captured. Each dancer translates a three-dimensional moment into a two-dimensional image solely by his physique and his interpretation” explains the Peruvian artist.

The choreographies are invisible drawings that appear by pigment and paper. The result of this artwork is an uncontrollable aesthetic for the artist Casanova Sorolla and each piece carries its own beauty.

The artwork was captured on Hahnemühle Mould-made etching board, 350 g / m², 1.24 x 50 meters.

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