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Nik Barte, photographer from Italy, is a dedicated ambassador for Fine Art Photography on our Hahnemühle Digital FineArt paper. He excited with his photo project ‘DUNES – unveiled beauties’ on our Photo Rag ® Ultra Smooth repeatedly attention. Currently on the Photissima Art Fair ( November 6 to 11 , 2013) and the More Words Festival (6th – 30th November , 2013) in Torino. His breathtaking images of Egyptian deserts impress perfectly as preciuos black and white prints.(c) Nik Barte Desert unveiled beauties on displayThe exciting topography, a subtle play of light and shadow, the different grain of sand … it all fascinated Desert Photographer Nik Barte. His portfolio of geographically and archaeologically important deserts Gilf el Kebir and the Great Sand Sea have patronage of the Egyptian Museum in Torino, the world’s second largest after the Cairo Museum.

For both exhibitions in Italy Nik Barte has created a limited edition on Hahnemühle Photo Rag ® Ultra Smooth for gallery owners and collectors. “My shoots create emotions. The best way to share these emotions are prints that captivate any viewer. My motives on the matt fine structured Hahnemühle paper are a feast for the eyes and a treat for the senses.” All prints are offered with Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity and hologram to document their exclusivity. The Fine Art prints look like raptured motives without time and space and fixed points. Structures of silky to rough and edgy shapes to flowing sotftness evoke different associations in every viewer.

As a tactile and visually appealing invitation to his exhibition Nik Barte printed selected motifs in a mini format on FineArt Inkjet Photo Cards by Hahnemühle. “Thanks to these Photo Cards I´m offering the best gift to people who really love arts and my images. I´m able to print mini portfolios and protect the cards in a precious metal box” stated Nik Barte. Gallerists and collectors are excited about this idea.

Nik Barte´s print studio is NEWLAB, Brescia. He is represented by Sabrina Raffaghello Contemporary Art.

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