MICRO MUNDI by Elaine Duigenan ©Leland Melvin_NASA-Digital-FineASrt in Space

Focussing on Photokina we did select a collection of eleven works of eleven reknown artists working with Hahnemühle. Have fun watching them:

Kate Moss 1996 (c) Anton CorbjinAnton Corbijn: intimate portraits on Hahnemühle paper

Anton Corbijn, shooting solely in black and white, reduces his pictures shot with a Hasselblad camera with purist settings and natural light to the essentials. In his images, he forcefully underlines the personality and depth in the character of the portrayed person – far beyond any kind of photographic effects.

The exhibition ‘Inwards and Onwards’ from the  Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn has been printed on Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl. The large-format prints feature music legends such as Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith and Tom Waits. Meanwhile, pictures of modern epitomes of artistic inspiration, such as Gilbert & George, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Gerhard Richter are included.

Hasselblad Masters 2012 (c) Frank MeylHasselblad Masters Photographer Frank Meyl

Frank Meyl is the only German-based photographer who has been selected as finalist in the Hasselblad Masters 2012, category architecture. His numerous awarded portfolio features architecture, people, lifestyle, automobile and advertisements for national and international magazines.

“For many years I print my portfolio exclusively on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Duo, which is printable on both sides. Advertising agencies and artist gallery’s are enthusiastic due to the excellent haptics and optical quality of my motifs on this paper.” (c) Platon mit Obama Print

Platon: Barack Obama on Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

Platon is an English photographer based in New York. He shoots film, scans his negatives, and retouches the images on screen with an attention to detail. He then returns images back to a handmade print by using a handmade paper to reproduce finest nuances.

“Handcraft to handcraft” is what Platon declares about his prints on Hahnemühle paper. This way incredible portraits of Barack Obama, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, Dimitry Medvedev, Benhamin Netanyahu, Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Abbas, Tony Blair, Robert Mugabe, Silvio Berlusconi and Muammar Qaddafi turn out perfected. Celebrities from the world of art and culture are part of his impressive list of models. His portraits for exhibitions and collectors are made on Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl.

Digital-FineArt in Space: MICRO MUNDI by Elaine Duigenan ©Leland Melvin NASAFirst Hahnemühle Digital FineArt paper in space

The British photographer Elaine Duigenan sent a picture printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® up into space. Then, this fine art image was shot through the window of the international space station ISS with a view of Planet Earth.

The pictures show traces of snails, which are reminiscent of topographic structures on the surface of Planet Earth – such as a delta shot from high above. This inspired the idea to shoot this picture in zero gravity through the window – with the Amazon in the background. The picture from Elaine Duigenan and her entire series MICRO MUNDI (Small Worlds) have been exhibited worldwide.

© Bettina Rheims Andrej P III Paris2011Bettina Rheims – Gender Studies

HARMAN and Hahnemühle are pleased that international acclaimed French photographer Bettina Rheims presents her current project ‘Gender Studies’ on HARMAN by Hahnemühle GLOSS ART FIBRE paper. Focusing on the topic of transgender, in 2011 the artist created a fascinating portrait series of 25 people who evade the categorization of male and female.

The project, which was initially a call out on Facebook for people who feel ‘different’, evolved for Bettina Rheims into an intense project with young transgender who fascinated her through their androgyny and transsexuality. The artistic study of people who act beyond normative and partly stereotyped classifications of gender is presented in large size photo prints. For more information on the photo project by Bettina Rheims go on ‘Documentaires’ at her website.

Elivis Indian Feather Jumpsuit (c) Ed BonjaPhoto art at its finest for Elvis fans

Ed Bonja, personal and official Elvis Presley photographer, presents the first exclusive fine art photo edition of the King of Rock’n Roll at c-editions. Artifical Image from Berlin printed twelve numbered and signed digital photo reproductions on Hahnemühle German Etching.

The piezo pigment prints with long-term stable Epson Ultrachrome pigment ink are limited worldwide to 33 issues.

They are available in a classical album cover format of 31.5×31.5 cm. Ed Bonja says of  the image ‘Indian Feather Jumpsuit’:  “This is Elvis in Memphis, Tennessee on June, 10,1975. He acts in front of 12 thousand fans; it is one of the most famous pictures ever.”

Hahnemuhle-iphonegraphyIphoneography- high quality unique prints size – 50×50 cm

You can feel the fun and the passion for their work if you look at the pictures of these two photographers from Salzburg. Hannelore Armstofer & Bryan Reinhart capture motifs from different areas of life, using the camera of their mobile phones.

The taken images are available as a hand signed quality print, sized 50×50 cm. What makes it so special is that every picture is a unique print and only sold once.

“We print on Hahemühle FineArt Pearl for it enhances the image structure and colours. Ideal for our iPhoneography style.” Find more information at fineart-iphoneography.com

Dunes (c) Nik Barte

Nik Barte: The desert photographer

‘DUNE – unveiled beauties – bellezze svelate’ – that’s how Italian photographer Nik Barte calls his free photo project he has been working on in the African sand deserts for many years, now.

He is just “in love” with our paper and quotes: “A love message needs lovable surfaces. Hahnemühle paper is a joy for the eyes and a pleasure for the senses.”

His favourites for landscapes featuring sand, light and wind are matt-finish Hahnemuehle papers: William Turner as textured paper or Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth as extremely smooth medium. “To touch the hearts of those I’m printing my photo art for, my subjects and the Hahnemuehle paper have to match perfectly,” underlines Nik Barte. (C) Cooper & Gorfer for Rohsska Museum Goteborg

Cooper & Gorfer: Photo poetry from Göteborg

Photo poetry from Goteborg: American Sarah Cooper and Austrian Nina Gorfer combine their knowledge of art, architecture and photography under the pseudonym Cooper & Gorfer.

For the yearbook of the Röhsska Museum for Fashion & Design, they created gorgeous pictures of a model in a Vivienne Westwood wedding gown, printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth. Cooper & Gorfer summarize: “Hahnemühle’s true artist paper boosts the quality of our pictures in a beautiful, nearly haptic way.” To find out more about Cooper & Gorfer please visit Studio Seek. Hahnemühle Rice Paper Sample-Prints (c) Tania Reh

Japanese temple on Rice Paper by Hahnemühle

Every subject looks for its paper.” Due to this motto, the Berlin based photographer Tania Reh asked Hahnemühle if they had a lightweight paper for her black and white of the Japanese Chokoji-Temple.

“When it’s about lines, peace, tranquillity, transparency and light – as it is the case in my pictures – the Digital FineArt Rice Paper with its transparent watermark lines represents the ideal choice.

The paper perfectly renders black and white – and all the shades of grey in between: the grain of the wood panelling, the structure of the bamboo blinds or the Indian ink of the wall decoration. This paper perfectly conveys my idea and my message.” To take a closer look at her works please visit www.artania.de.

P(c) Andrzej Dragan - David Lynchortrait and celebrity photographer Andrzej Dragan

Dragan has created an unmistakable style with his dark portraits. The pictures and his vita as a multi-talented photographer arouse curiosity.

He is a physicist, photographer, composer and film maker, born in Warsaw and now  based in London. All prints between 2004 and 2007 of his photo series “Allegories & Macabresques” have been printed on Hahemühle paper.

“They are all beautiful” says David Lynch about the portraits, who  was also portrayed from Dragans. Find more information about Dragan on “Andrzej Dragan.”

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