Kudalayya Hiremath from India on his July motive in Hahnemühle´s art calendar 2016 ” Greenary on Terrace”:

I have done many city landscapes so far. The greenery in a watercolour cityscape makes it striking. When I heard about the calendar contest with the topic ‘Nature in city’, the memories of my earlier cityscapes came back to me. However, since this was a competition, I decided to think and paint something different. And then I saw a terrace garden. I immediately know: this will be my subject for painting.

I began with sketches of the terrace and plants using reference material. Then I sketched a few buildings in the background in appropriate perspective, beyond the terrace, to give my composition a feel of a city. Once the sketch was ready, I took Winsor Newton watercolour paints which work very well with the Hahnemühle watercoluor paper Britannia 300 gsm rough I opted for. I used a light wash of appropriate colours wherever I wanted. Thinking about colour perspective, I used the wet-in-wet technique for overlaying of different colours. I painted with a 1inch brush for these layers. When the layered parts had been dried, I painted the shadows of the various elements in my painting. Once again, I resorted to the wet-in-wet technique. Finally, I did the final few suggestive details and finished the painting. I wanted to achieve maximum effect in minimum work and kept the picture abstractly. I´m very happy with the result and the fact that my painting was chosen as victorious motive in Hahnemühle´s annual painting contest.

Find the artist on facebook if you like.

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