Certificate of Authenticity
Guillermo Mordillo’s wonderful cartoons attract thousands to visit his exhibitions, showing originals and prints. The intense colors, liveliness and textures of acrylic and pencils in the originals are exceptionally reproduced. For his editions, the artist trusts in Hahnemühle paper and Art Petrus SARL, the exclusive art studio in Monacco.
We are very proud that Mordillo’s world-famous artworks are printed on Hahnemühle Museum Etching. Learn more about the work of Art Petrus and how it became the exclusive print studio of Guillermo Mordillo’s works of art.

For centuries artists have struggled to find the best way to reproduce their work. From Durer to Picasso, Warhol to Rizzi, the reasons to produce “multiples” was simply to expand their popularity and to make more money.

Art has moved to new levels taking advantage of new techniques, materials, a huge range of colors, tones and textures. To reproduce the color and tonal complexity of these latest materials and often mixed techniques, there is currently no better solution than DIGITAL. No lithography, no serigraphy, no offset, nothing comes close to digital imaging and printing, especially when it is done at a truly professional level.

Art Petrus SARL was founded in 2005 in Monaco and specializes in art digitization, collection management and reproduction. The company provides know-how and digitization solutions to major European museums and galleries who digitize their collections. Art Petrus recently completed a full methodology and supplied the latest generation of large format scanners for the largest art digitization project in the world founded by EU worth over 200 million euro in Slovakia.

In the pursuit of achieving the best possible and consistent art reproduction results, Art Petrus developed Digital Master Print® guidelines which require a professional approach encompassing digital file acquisition, file preparation, advanced colour management and with excellent knowledge of printing, printer control and printing materials to achieve remarkable results. Part of this process is the need for close collaboration between the digitizing specialist, printer and artist.

Today, Art Petrus has a division dedicated to reproduction of art created by one of the world’s most famous cartoonists, Guillermo Mordillo. A multi international award winner, this humble Argentinian artist with more than 50 years of publishing, has created a wealth of cartoons, animations and graphic art with a wicked sense of humour, showcased in chubby characters with bulbous noses and adorable animals, using brilliant colours and textures, depicting life’s situations with a second meaning, that everyone can enjoy in any language.

Guillermo Mordillo signing Certificates of Authenticity
Guillermo Mordillo signing fine art prints of his work

After working with Mordillo for over 10 years, scanning his work for preservation for future generations, Mordillo appointed Art Petrus with the worldwide rights, as master printer and publisher, to reproduce his work in limited edition prints, known as the Mordillo Collection. Mordillo’s work is complex using pastels, ink and acrylic, creating fine tones and textures which are not easily recreated and a real challenge for reproduction.
Art Petrus’ main objective was to convey the quintessential soul of the original. The 3 ingredients of art, digitization and paper, had to be of the highest standard to work together to result in the most perfect high end product. Hahnemühle 100% cotton museum etching paper was the chosen product. Why? Because it fulfilled a number of objectives: quality, first class reproduction, confidence and a luxury product. And ultimately it brings out the essence of Mordillo’s originals. Hahnemuhle’s Certificate of Authenticity and serialised hologram system was also engaged to provide 100% peace of mind to their customers to support legitimacy and to protect against fraud.

Mordillo’s wonderful work attracts thousands to his exhibitions of originals and limited edition prints. The same intense colours of inks, vividity and textures of acrylics and pencils in the originals are exceptionally replicated. A common reaction is “ I can’t tell the difference between the original and the print!”

This standard is what Mordillo’s work deserves.

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Certificates of Authenticity
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