Hahnemuehle Sketch & Note with sample pocketArtist-paper manufacturer Hahnemühle will travel to the 2013 Paperworld (26th to 29th January) in Frankfurt with a completely new booth that will be erected in hall 4.1, E10.

“We opted for a concept where the design underlines the expectations our premium products have to meet – and that features even more customer-friendly areas. I just can’t wait to see the response to the new outfit,” says Marketing and Distribution Director Norbert Klinke. Nonetheless, Klinke isn’t ready to reveal any details of the new booth. He wants the fair visitors to come to their own conclusions on site.

But there are more reasons why making the trip to Paperworld is worthwhile. Several times a day, Berlin’s designer and artist Jens Hübner will hold 20-minute workshops. Hübner introduces papers in an entertaining way and provides the participants insight into the painting basics. And just a few minutes later, they hold their own first works in their hands and understand what is vital when it comes to choosing the appropriate paper. Previous experience is not necessary. Hahnemuehle Sketch & Note stitch-binding

Just as every year, the visitors may look forward to several innovations: the sketchbook ‘Sketch & Note’ comes in three formats and with its colourful design and particularly hard-wearing stitch-binding, it represents the latest addition to the range of practical travel companions. And for all those who love to not only capture their impressions but also collect small travel souvenirs, the range also comprises a sketch book in precious black that features an ample pocket inside the back cover.

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