Hahnemühle Black Book ©Hülya Tutkunkardes

Hahnemühle starts a new join in campaign. We are searching for creative fans from the UK who like scrapbooking, calligraphy, pastel or sketching and would like to embellish one Hahnemühle Black Book. The ring binder with the black pages is originally intended for sketches and pastels with contrasting colours. But is also wonderful for other creative applications: for scrapbooking, as a photo album, guestbook, diary … and much more.
Post your wish to win underneath this article until July 29, 2016 and add your blog or SoMe channel if you like. We will raffle 5 x 2 book in A5 format. If more than 5 contenders would like to join the campaign, it will be decided by lot.

Thank you to Hülya Tutkunkardes for creating the represented Black Book.

Each participant will receive 2 books. One of the book has to be sent back to Hahnemühle. The embellished black books will be shown on our SoMe (facebook, Instagram) channels. You are welcome to add your copyright on the pages. Please send the book back by August 29, 2016. The book remains with us. We are looking forward to your participation. Please note, that only UK residents can participate. Shipment outside of the UK can not be done.  Show us your creative talent!

Find more information about our black books on our website.



Hahnemühle Black Book, 30 sheets, acid-free artist cardboard


Hahnemühle Black Book for scrapbooking, calligraphy, pastel and many more…



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  1. Images tell a story but a few well chosen words or verse can add more depth.
    Having the right medium builds a solid foundation for all art and can often give confidence

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