We are delighted to introduce a new addition to our HAHNEMÜHLE PHOTO range. Hahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta will be launched at The Photography Show Birmingham and WPPI Las Vegas.

This exclusive paper features a true baryta layer below the ink-absorbing coating. This baryta layer complies Hahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta Rollwith the structure of an analogue baryta paper and allows for an extraordinary colour space for brilliant colour rendering.

In addition, the unique barium-sulphate layer ensures an extraordinary picture result – from creamy shades of white up to a velvety deep black. High colour density and brilliance guarantee impressive detail and sharpness for vivid high-definition pictures in exhibition quality for colourful motifs.

The new paper in detail:

  • White silk-gloss baryta paper
  • Creamy shades of white and velvety deep black
  • Deep and brilliant colours for high-definition pictures
  • Acid-free and non-ageing, minimum OBAHahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta Box and Sample Prints
  • 310 gsm, 100% á-cellulose

ICC profiles are easy and quick to download for all printers at www.hahnemuehle.com.

Watch our product video on YouTube or enjoy more product shots on Flickr.


    The profile library seems not fonctional… for Silk Baryta with Epson 3880

    • Barbara Knipper

      Dear Michel Frossard,
      we have checked our ICC download center for Silk Baryta with Epson 3880 and it worked without any problems. Please be so kind and try it again. If you are using a Mac, please note that Mac will automatically download files. If you still have problems, please contact our technical support: dfa(at)hahnemuehle.com. They will be pleased to help you.

  2. Sean Lee

    Hi, I’m looking for the Epson 9900 Silk Baryta ICC profile and do not see it from the download center. Please update!

    • Dear Sean Lee,
      the profil is still in progress. Please stay tuned. Thanks for your understanding.

  3. Ned Bunnell

    I’m anxiously waiting for Hahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta to start shipping in the US. I hope it will be my preferred replacement for Ilford GFS. However, There are currently no profiles for this paper listed for my Epson Stylus Pro 4900. Any advice on when this profile will be available. Thanks!

    • AnnKristin Pluess

      Dear Ned, Thank you for your comment. Our Tech Department will get in touch with you. Thanks!

  4. Anders Hald

    No profile for the Epson 3880 and Silk Baryta??? Come on, how long can it take??? Seriously! Just bought a load of Silk Baryta and my pro dealer promised that profiles could be downloaded just as with Ilford. Grrr… the Epson 3880 is not exactly an unusual printer for professionals to own.

    • Anders Hald

      Dear Stefan. I apologize, I see it now. It is in the paper group Hahnemuehle Photo, I was looking for Baryta in the group section. It is offered as one of several options in a fourth sub menu. (I love it when engineers design websites!) Best regards,

  5. Henri

    When trying to print from photoshop 5.1 on my Epson 3880 with the downloaded ICC-profile for Silk Baryta even the printpreview makes the image much more saturated, dark green turns into lime green. Using the Hahnemuhle standard profile for the Epson 3880 seems to work much better. What could be the reason?

    • Dear Henri,
      our Technical Support will directly contact you to answer your question.
      Hahnemühle PR

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