The 12 motifs for the Hahnemühle Art Calendar 2014 are selected. It was a tough decision for the jury as we received 700 great pictures on the topic ‘music’ by 350 artists from 29 countries. The Hahnemühle painting competition was once again a great success! Many thanks to all participants!

Watercolours, pastels, acrylics, collages, prints, pen and ink drawings and many more techniques have inspired us and the jury. Check out the 12 months motifs on our website!

12 artists have the honour to show their musical compositions in our exclusive art calendar. 24 art lovers now have the chance to win the Hahnemühle calendar. These limited edition calendars are becoming real collector´s items as they are not available to purchase but are only usually given as Christmas presents to Hahnemühle business partners worldwide. So, get involved to get one of the rare copies! Comment here at this blog post and choose which month´s motif you like best and why. All pictures can be admired in our web gallery. The raffle is running from the 15th to 22 December 2013. By participating you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The winner will be picked at random and will be notified by email. Calendars will be shipped in the new year. Best of luck !

  1. Anthony Falsarella

    I would love this calendar. Quality paper with fantastic art submissions would have a proud place in my office/studio.

  2. Rogerio Hilbert

    I like the whole calendar art, but the most impressive for me is the February one, which is titled Stolen Moment. That was the only one made with oil pastels and it has some awesome strokes. I can notice heterogeneous colours mixture in those strokes, which I had not seen before in pastel works. Besides, the theme is pretty nice too. It shows us our contemporaneous music, it suggests rock and roll and we can almost feel what the musicians are feeling there, involved in their music, which is the most important in art in my opinion. That title fits great and in my interpretation when I see that scene, I see it capturing the set of feelings, colours and sounds and putting it into the paper.

  3. Dietmar Kolletzki

    Der Kalender bringt für mich die Lebensfreude der Musik, hier insbesondere den Jazz, gut rüber.
    Hier verbindet sich in eindrucksvoller Weise Malerei mit Musik, bei dem Betrachten der Bilder schwingt die Musik im Hintegrund mit.
    Mein Favoriet ist das September-Motiv.

  4. Beth Finholdt

    All works are fantastic. I love to see the brilliant participation of Brazil in this contest. And this year, with mixed media left much more interesting calendar. Hard to pick a favorite, but the February strikes when using pictorial mass. Thank you for giving us the chance to admire them closer!

  5. Daniela

    Beautiful works! The work of February’s Artist Flavia is my favorite, expresses the concentration of a musical work.

  6. Malcolm Bullock

    Sinfonia is my favourite. I like the use of the harmonious splashes of colour that go to make the whole. 🙂

  7. Jean Costa

    I must say that all pictures are amazingly beautiful but the February one, by Flavia Bernardes, is by far my favorite! I was impressed by how realistic it is and how it seems to “capture a moment” in life.

  8. Tiago

    Beuatiful work. All of them! February is the most amazing of all.

  9. Dear Hahnemühle Calendar-Fans,
    The raffle is closed. Winners will be picked at random and will be notified by email in January 2014. Calendars will be shipped in the new year. Have a great holiday sesaon! Your Hahnemühle Social Media-Team

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