Hahnemühle Hand Lettering Pad

When letters become art, Hahnemühle comes into play with a specially designed paper: we proudly present our new Hand Lettering pads.
The light-white, smooth paper fits the needs of lettering artists perfectly. We asked them about the ideal paper for lettering, along with their ideas and judgments on different papers, which has had an essential part to play in our product development. We would like to thank Frau Annika – Illustration & Designer, Frau Hölle Studio, Papier-Liebe Katja Haas, Petra Wöhrmann and Julia Bausenhardt Design & Illustration for an inspiring collaboration to bring this paper to life.

“Creating with your Heart & Hands” – the knowledgeable motif on our new Hand Lettering pads by Annika Sauerborn, aka Frau Annika – says it all. And the artist herself talks about why she likes to tell stories with beautiful letters in the digital age and where the trend in lettering could go …

Hahnemühle Hand Lettering Paper

How did you get into hand-writing?

“I`m an illustrator and have been working independently for children’s books and agencies for years. At the beginning I also designed my own greeting cards. The hand-written font played a major role, after all, I discovered that this is an own art form: Lettering – which can also be combined with illustration. A German publisher – frechverlag – became interested in my work, and so my first book about the topic arose. This opened up new possibilities to me, so I occasionally hold workshops where I pass on my knowledge and experiences. Today illustrations and lettering orders are balanced.”

What is Lettering for you – more than beautifully written letters?

“For me, Hand Lettering is another way to express myself, not just in pictures, but also through beautifully designed words. I have always liked letters and I still write a lot by hand today. Doing lettering can be very relaxing, almost meditative. The handling of paper and pen is very relaxing in the digital age. In addition, for example, a self-designed birthday card is something very personal and a kind of appreciation.”

How has the collaboration with Hahnemühle, for the new hand lettering pad turned out?

“The search for good paper for lettering is sometimes a challenge. The different tools have their own requirements. When I heard that Hahnemühle developed a paper, I thought “Thank you!” I was able to test different papers in advance, which I found very exciting. I felt honoured to be able to design the pad cover. Now I’m looking forward to the new pads and can´t wait to discover them in shops.”

What do you think, how will the trend of Lettering move on?

“A good question. I think the DIY-trend will continue to attract creative souls. Also as a counter-movement towards digitization. But eventually the last sayings, poems and quotations have been sufficiently lettered.
I think the Bullet Journal will become even more popular. Instead of organizing with the help of apps, many (including me) are using the analog scheduler, which can be creatively designed according to your own wishes. And here again letters will play a role.
I would in any case wish that we can preserve the handwriting beyond the writing of the shopping list.”

Stay tuned to win a brandnew Hand Lettering pad!

We are giving away some Hahnemühle Hand Lettering pads in our next promotion here on the blog! We´ll keep you updated.

  1. I have loved handwriting and have done some calligraphy but need much more instruction and practice.

  2. Lady

    Hi!! How can I buy this paper?

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