A first-class orchestra is characterized by the perfect interplay of instruments causing the musicians to fade into the background. The audience expects an acoustic experience and pays less attention to visual impressions. So it may seem surprising that the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen is the subject of an exhibition.

This is thanks to Julia Baier, who accompanied the ensemble as their photographer for 15 years around the world. Her works provide a look behind the scenes including the rigors of a concert tour and the concentration of a musician before the big show, as well as the joy of making music. Some of the pictures even give the viewer the impression that tones are visible. Dynamic and dramatic tones alternate with moments of silence. The people behind the music move into the center, along with the seemingly aspects of music, such as clutter and the instrument cases.

(c) Ulrich von Behr

(c) Ulrich von Behr

Around 100 black and white pictures have been printed piece by piece by the photographer as fine art inkjet prints. Julia Baier has chosen Photo Rag ® Baryta and says: “Photo Rag ® Baryta Hahnemühle for me has two wonderful characteristics: It gives black and white and shades of gray a very pleasant tonality without a color cast. And there is the depth of an image that is very close to the brilliance of the analog baryte print.”

The exhibition is on view until September 13 at Focke Museum Bremen.

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