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Hahnemühle has been working closely with the very successful YouTuber Makoccino during the past year. Makoccino, also known as Alexandra, has over 1 Million followers on YouTube where she posts painting tutorials which people can take part in.

In cooperation with us, Makoccino has created the YouTube video below where she shows how floral watercolour motifs are created in the Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.

When did you start painting and how did you become interested in art?

Since kindergarten I’ve been very fond of creating and painting things. It just felt natural to me. When you’re painting, you can create something that was not there before. Art can express things which we can’t see but can feel.

What made you start posting your videos on

Years ago, when I was in school and YouTube was not very popular I loved to discover others video tutorials on the platform, especially where people explained in a simplistic way, e.g. how to create something from scratch. I found it very interesting and to be honest I was more of a geek and was not heard or taken seriously. I felt that I had a lot of great ideas to share and thought why not share my ideas with others on YouTube which was a great way for me to make myself heard.

You are very successful on, how do you explain your success?

I think it is because, I am not only explaining how to create or paint something – I also try to motivate my viewers through my attitude and experience to have fun in their creating process and to try things out without worrying what others say. As a result, my audience and I have a bond in where we see ourselves as friends, who are there for each other and evolve together as human beings.

Why do you prefer the Hahnemühle papers and which paper is your favourite paper?

Hahnemühle simply offers a large selection of different types of paper from which you can find the perfect paper for each project. Currently my favorite papers are Hahnemühle Britannia and Hahnemühle Expression.

Thanks Makoccino!


Don’t miss to visit Makoccinos Youtube channel.

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