Canyonlands e Arches 002 ©Jared Windmueller

Jared Windmueller is “Artist of the Month” in Hahnemühle´s FineArt Gallery featured by German magazine „ProfiFoto“ (issue 3/2019). He was one of the first photographers to test the new FineArt Paper Photo Rag® Metallic. Why does the metallic shimmering paper thrilled him even for his landscape photography? Read in here.

Jared Windmueller Photographer
Jared Windmueller Photographer

How did you ‘discover’ your passion for photography? 

In my early twenties I had a job that required me to travel a lot around my home country of Brazil; here I explored new locations that I had never visited before and realised there were so much beauty in its landscape, which I felt needed to be documented. So I bought my first camera and started to take photographs, as I was new to film I was conscious not to waste any photographs, but remained motivated to wake up early and explore new places to photograph. It was as this point I decided that I would do this for the rest of my life.

What is your favorite genre?

I love taking landscapes images. We live in such a beautiful world with so many different landscapes where we find different textures, sources of light, color and shapes. It is these discoveries in nature which I find intriguing and what excites me. I also work as wedding photographer – with a focus on destination weddings.

Which of your projects/motifs opened the door to the art market/professional market?

I opened my studio in Japan where I lived from 2001 to 2007; it was the perfect time because analog photography was being replaced by new digital technology. It was great to explore the new options available to me in a place like Japan, which was surrounded by so much new technology and modern surroundings. In 2006 I photographed a geisha portrait in Kyoto, this was used for an international Epson advertisement which led me to Barcelona to study the IDEP the following year.  I returned to Brazil in 2008 where I had my first solo exhibition of fine art photography.

cerimonia228 ©Jared Windmueller
cerimonia228 © Jared Windmueller

How important is the printed presentation of your works of art for you?

Printing my images is primordial process for me; as an artist it is important that I can see and touch my work, allowing me to feel a sense of accomplishment. Prints are the culmination of our ideas and our creations…What began in our hearts and our minds are finally is concreted in reality. That’s why I print my wedding and landscape photography exclusively on Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Papers. They offer the perfect quality and longevity for great presentations.

TTD Suzana e Rafael-240©Jared Windmueller
TTD Suzana e Rafael-240©Jared Windmueller

Which is your favorite Hahnemühle paper and why?

Printing has the wonderful power to preserve something forever – capturing the moments in our life’s that we can never return to. That’s why I print my wedding and landscape photography exclusively on Hahnemühle papers; they offer the perfect quality and longevity for outstanding presentations. I love the matt Photo Rag® and the glossy FineArt Baryta Satin. I’m thrilled with my National Park motifs from my adopted homeland of Utah, on the new, extraordinary Photo Rag® Metallic. This unique FineArt photography paper is excellent for landscape because it shimmers differently depending on the light; it is simply overwhelming.

Are you printing on Hahnemühle papers for exhibitions and/or collectors? What feedback do you get on the paper?

I recognise that the tremendous quality of Hahnemühle’s 100% cotton or alpha-cellulose papers which are acid free; these have a huge effect on the final look of my work. I feel it is important to view my printed works to appreciate the vibrant and vivid feel to my creations. Collectors and curators agree that my prints are unique.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently living in Utah, US, where I have just photographed there 5 National Parks; Bryce Canyon, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef. Here I can explore numerous locations for landscape photography.  Beside the five National Parks, which are called “The 5 Mighty”, there are also 7 National Monuments and 33 State Parks worth visiting. Utah has just received three Michelin Stars from the iconic travel guide as an outstanding destination, which is the first state to be awarded this recognition. There is so much natural beauty that cannot be hidden and I’m planning a photography expedition for those who love nature and landscape photography; allowing you to experience the natural beauties of the Utah wilderness.

Capitol Reef 004 ©Jared Windmueller
Capitol Reef 004 ©Jared Windmueller
Zion e Bryce 022 ©Jared Windmueller
Zion e Bryce 022 ©Jared Windmueller
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