written by Leoni Pfeiffer

The story about Kröt & Schuhuu started during a lunch break five years ago. A turtle and a little owl experienced new adventures everyday on paper sheets of 8 x 10 cm. Around sixty short sketches resulted and were soon traded as motivational pictures among friends.
The idea came up to draw a family calendar with two of my friends. In 2012 we already printed 75 pieces and distributed them in our circle of friends, further years followed.

At the beginning I gave importance to the paper structure, next to the character. But the digital colouration and the following reproduction became therefore more difficult. Especially when we had to combine several drawings to one motive, the paper structure became rather an obstacle than a design tool.

LeoniPfeiffer_KS16_03_WorkflowI changed the paper in 2016 and switched to Hahnemühle’s Layout pad. I already used the smooth paper with watercolours and several markers and achieved good results also at reproductions. Even for pure pencil drawings it is very well suited. In the past I brought several drawings digitally to a design together, but this was not necessary anymore: the layout paper survives several corrections and multiple etchings. I can now paint all twelve designs completely.

LeoniPfeiffer_KS16_02_MiniformatDue to the smooth and very white paper, a detailed scan including all fine lines and hatches are possible. After small digital post processings and contrast adjustments all illustrations were coloured, for this I use photoshop. After a little post-processing and contrast adjustment each image was already ripe for the digital colouration. The level of the drawing, in pure black, while facing up and multiplied on the underlying colour layer.

As a trained media designer the technically embossed part of the work begins at this point. During the concept phase, the first sketches and the elaboration and the creativity flow.

The calendar has more then twelve sketches including a tale on the reverse side. All sketches and tales result in a complete story about the journey of Kröt & Schuhuu around the world, visiting natural spectacles and magnificant sights. The journey about the friendship of Kröt & Schuhuu includes interesting facts about our world presented in a child-orientated way. After the year you can tear the sketches of the calendar and use them as postcards. LeoniPfeiffer_KS16_04_Endprodukt

Suitable especially for kids, but also a fanclub of adults accrued. Due to the feedback we receive, is possible that we have already the fifth edition.

Drawing accompanies me since my childhood. Illustration, analog or digital, enriches my everyday life as a media designer in an advertising agency.
My private works are published on Instagram and on my Blog.

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