Hahnemuehle newsroomSince I can remember, I always liked drawing and painting and analysing my surrounding like a detective does. I always claim that drawing explained life to me.

My first step with art began at school age, when I made had my first graffiti jobs. The next step to start a design study was therefore not far off. I studied at the Hamburg Technical School of Art and at the Frankfurt Academy of Communication and Design. During my studying time I began to illustrate stories. At first, comics called “Gossip Comic” which were published on a monthly base in Aschaffenburg city magazine. At the same time I gained an interest for children’s books, as well as political cartoons in newspapers.

Besides my illustrations I work on free artistic works and place them in galleries. Hahnemuehle newsroom1For the art project “Aufgezeichnet-Alle Miteinander für sich” (Recording – mutual all by themselves) in the context of the Aschaffenburg Arts Festival “Art in the quarter” in 2015, I have sketched the hustle and bustle in the main station of Augsburg. I used Chinese ink and watercolour on Hahnemühle Britannia watercolour paper. For me it is crucial to exhibit high quality work at the gallery. A good painting surface that supports the drawing and the statement of the image with its colour depth is very important. Hahnemühles Britannia watercolour paper offers this and for me it is the perfect solution.
I cut large formats out of a Britannia watercolour paper roll and mounted it on a lightweight cardboardHahnemuehle newsroom2 so I have a solid base. For this work I worked the same way I usually work when I travel around with my sketchbook, I catch and sketch the moments, without significant opportunities for correction.

When I started the artwork, I had two thoughts in mind.
First, the sketches show people doing their daily tasks, which can be used as a tribute to the normal life routine. So I focus on processes that do not promise any immediate benefit.
On the other side I am an artist / observer at the main station who captures the situations with brush and ink which happen in his surroundings. The title of this artwork is “recording” a playful analogy about omnipresent observation.

I wasHahnemuehle newsroom3 overwhelmed by the demand and the high numbers of visitors from young to old which visited the gallery Dering during the exhibition. The highlight of the whole art project is of course the 1st place of Aschaffenburg art prize in the category “The effect of the artwork itself.”
All sketches of this project can be viewed and purchased on the website gallery.
I have several upcoming projects. I will illustrate a new children’s board game, as well as two posters as learning tool for pupils. Next week, you can watch me sketching live at the Hahnemühle booth at Achema 2015. I will caricature the visitors on Hahnemühle filter paper. I’m really looking forward to this event.
Personal conclusion: Artist’s life is very colourful and diversified.Hahnemuehle newsroom4

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