The Print's the Thing

Guest column written by Jay Fine

The Statue of Liberty and fireworks in NY Harbor are frequent themes in my photography.

Fireworks at the Statue of Liberty from the Esplanade, by Jay Fine

Unlike most places in the U.S., Lower Manhattan, my home for the last decade, gets treated to spectacular firework displays year round. Anyone with enough money can hire a pyrotechnic company and have their own show set in NY Harbor near the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and get no promotion or publicity with the exception of a text alert from New York City’s emergency alert system Notify NYC – a text and phone alert system for people in our area post-9/11.

Last week I ran into a neighbor after returning from photographing a fireworks display near the Statue of Liberty. I had my camera on a tripod and she was curious about what I shot. I showed her a few of my fireworks shots. She liked what I shot but said “I’ll wait to see a print – that’s the only thing that counts.”


Hahnemühle´s Calendar Contest – submission period has ended

Whether it’s the contemporary urban garden, or the typical local park area, living walls or enchanting backyard: nature makes every city come alive, resulting in calming harmony or exciting contrasts. Over 400 artists from 35 countries filed more than 900 images to the competition. Many thanks to all participants! From all submissions, a jury will…


Animal Architecture – by Wildlife Photographer Ingo Arndt

Animals are great architects – and that they were in the times when human beings were still living in caves. Nature photographer Ingo Arndt is touring with his series of epic large fine art prints around natural history museums the world and shows in the current series Animal Architecture” the filigree or monumental structures of animals in detail. His exhibition can be seen until November 1st 2015 in Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann near Dusseldorf. All prints are done by professional print service photo lab Brieke on Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth. Ingo Arndt found the time between his travels as a nature photographer around the world for an interview. He has used our paper for many years now for exhibitions, for collector´s prints and his portfolio to present to editors and publishers.


Achema 2015 – Visitors caricatured on Hahnemühle filter paper

Visitors had a lot of fun during their visit at the Hahnemühle booth. Marc Robitzky, Illustrator caused this with his cartoons, laughter and joy. Temporarily, people had to wait in long queues, but this opened the opportunity to watch the artist creating the artworks. The enclosed gallery presents a selection of the sketches on Hahnemühle filter paper. …


Art project "Recording – mutual all by themselves" by Marc Robitzky, Illustrator

Hahnemuehle newsroomSince I can remember, I always liked drawing and painting and analysing my surrounding like a detective does. I always claim that drawing explained life to me.

My first step with art began at school age, when I made had my first graffiti jobs. The next step to start a design study was therefore not far off. I studied at the Hamburg Technical School of Art and at the Frankfurt Academy of Communication and Design. During my studying time I began to illustrate stories. At first, comics called “Gossip Comic” which were published on a monthly base in Aschaffenburg city magazine. At the same time I gained an interest for children’s books, as well as political cartoons in newspapers.


Quaint and abstract – Internationally recognized photo art by Peter Braunholz

It all started with a twitter post by Peter Braunholz: “Received ArtSlant Photography Award, Los Angeles/USA, for ‘Diametral’, Print on #Hahnemühle #PhotoRag® Ultra Smooth.” We got in contact with the internationally renowned photographer and invited him to participate in a Q & A. Read on about his reality-inspired, epic large-format fine art prints made exclusively on Hahnemühle paper, for international photo exhibitions and collections.


Month of Wedding Photography: Q&A with Florian Commaille (France)

When did you discover your passion for photography?
When I was a kid, I watched my father taking pictures on our family holidays with his analog camera. He loved to shoot sunsets and monuments at night. Even thought I had my first digital camera at the age of 20, we can say I had this desire deep inside of me for years. It is when I began going on holidays by myself, by the French coast of the Basque Country and the Bretagne, that the passion woke up.florian commailles

How did you come to the world of Wedding photography?
Honestly, it was a by accident. At the beginning, it wasnt really a personal wish, as photography for me is related to calm, to recouping by discovering magic places. I liked to take my time, and let the places I discovered surprise me, for the landscapes pictures and special motifs I discovered in the towns I visited. Over time, friends who liked my photographic style asked me to shoot their weddings. At first I refused, because it’s a big responsibility to shoot alone a whole wedding. At this time, I didn’t think I had the skills to do that, and I kept taking my pictures. I took pictures at gigs, then did shootings for dancers and musicians, then took pictures of newborns for friends, and at last, I did shoot some weddings.