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Only a few paper manufacturers worldwide still produce real mould-made papers using the traditional cylinder mould method like Hahnemühle FineArt does. Due to the different mould structures, Hahnemühle can produce vellum or ribbed Fine Art papers, papers with four deckled edges characteristic of hand-made paper and with or without a watermark.

Zellulose - CelluloseThe highly diluted mixture of first-class pulp made of cellulose or cotton fibres (from the cotton seed core) and pure spring water is first added to the vat. The fibres then deposit themselves unstructured on the cylinder mould and form a fibrous web. The water flows through the cylinder mould back into the vat. At the crown of the cylinder the paper mat is moved onto a felt to be transported into the machine.

Watermarks and metal studs for limiting the paper format are stitched with copper wire onto the perforated cylinder by hand. Only a few paper fibres deposit themselves on this part of the paper mash on the stitched on format limiters. The still moist paper can be “torn” at the predetermined thinner line. Only paper edges made this way may be called a real deckle edge. Watch our video fascination paper:

Real wool felts transport the paper within the papermaking machine and while doing that mark the paper with a unique surface and create the impressive feel of real artist paper. At only 4 – 15 m/min the machine speed is comparatively low, but absolutely necessary due to the high quality Papierbahn auf Wollfilz - Paper web on woolen feltrequirements for genuine artist paper. The large weight per unit area ranges from 80 up to 600 gsm, allowing a broad range of different mould-made paper grades for Hahnemühle´s Traditional FineArt Collection as well as for our Digital FineArt Collection.

Papers from the Fourdrinier paper machine

Langsiepmaschine Papierproduktion -  Fourdrinier paper machinePaper manufacturing on the Fourdrinier paper machine starts with an open flowbox. The highly diluted pulp-water mixture is sprayed onto the endless circulating wire. This mixture uniformly spreads over the flat plastic screen, which is carried by a row of rollers and supporting strips. Apart from the carrying function the rollers and strips also dewater the paper mash.

Papierbahn - Paper webTo balance the paper surface a circulating cylinder covered by a screen, the “Egoutteur” is frequently placed on it and lightly pressed on. This lends the paper depending on the produced quality e.g. the typical ribbed structure of Hahnemühle FineArt papers.

Continuously circulating felt mats transport the paper web and temporarily store water. The felt qualities used, some still made of wool or mixtures of synthetic fibres and wool, set themselves Papier-Mutterrolle Mother roll of paperapart by their particular marking capability, which produces the attractive structures of Hahnemühle papers. The Fourdrinier paper machine runs with a speed of up to 105 m/min on huge so called mother rolls which are converted afterwards. On Hahnemühle´s Fourdrinier paper machine mainly Akademie Watercolour papers are produced and some of our high-quality inkjet papers.

Papierbogen zählen - Sheet countingIn addition, filter papers are produced for a large number of analytical, medical and qualitative applications. A third division is technical specialty papers, which are developed and produced to customers’ specifications.

Papier - Paper Paper making within Hahnemühle means paper making with passion, no mass paper production. For premium artist paper and pure specialty paper, often hand made work is needed and perfectly described as worldwide renowned Hahnemühle quality “Made in Germany”.

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