When did you discover your passion for photography?
I was 16 years old on a school trip and I was put in charge of documenting the whole trip.  Per Zennström SelfI came back with lots of images of cows and I had also fallen in love with the machine that made these images. It was only later on I moved on to become interested in photography.

How did you come to the world of fashion photography?
After my studies and assistant work I saw a sense of freedom and hunger for new expressions in fashion photography and this really appealed to me. It seemed to me that there were no limits for what was allowed in fashion photography – as opposed to other genres.

Which of your projects/motifs opened the door to the art market/professional market?Per Zennström 1
My mentor, the extremely influential Creative Director Anders Wester, took me under his wings and guided me in the early stages of my career. He was important for me because he showed me that creativity never stopped and he also introduced me to the real world out there.

Who inspires you most?
Irving Penn

How would you describe your personal photographic style?
I hope that my images are “Edgy Elegant”

Which is your favourite Hahnemühle paper and why?
Photo Rag – I love the matt surface and the blacks.

Do you have a dream project you would like to realize someday?
I always get very excited about my next, upcoming project… To me it’s important to always be on the move. Things change and you need to adapt. I can’t say I have a dream project – I change my mind too often and I really have a hard time keeping my focus on one single thing.

Per Zennström 2What’s next for you?
My next big project is a film collaboration with fashion designer Michael Sontag – I’m really excited about this because the approach to this film is a bit different than anything else I have ever done. For the first time I’m actually writing a script – as opposed to just putting pretty images together in a long row.

Please find more information about Per and his projects here.

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