“I only print with Hahnemühle paper. It really is the very best for my work” stated British travel photographer Peter Aitchison in our Q&A.
30 years ago, Peter began his career training as a studio assistant. He then eventually moved on to being a stills photographer on The Big Breakfast – a British light entertainment television show on screen till 2002. Through various other jobs and projects, he soon realised that travel was his main feature. This is when Peter decided to focus more on his travelling projects. He has visited many countries and main cities including Morocco, India, Paris and New York.
Read further for more information and to explore his talent with images below.Pete EleWhen did you discover your passion for photography?
I began taking pictures in my early teens, back in the days of film. I loved nervously waiting for my packet of prints coming back from the local chemist shop.

How did you come to the world of Landscape photography?Wot No Flap
My passion is the Urban Landscape and the people that inhabit it. I’ve always photographed people from portraits to national press pictures. People and their surroundings are for me, the most interesting picture.

Which of your projects/motifs opened the door to the professional market?
My biggest break was being given the stills contract for The Big Breakfast TV Show which run till 2002 on British TV. This opened so many doors for me.

Who inspires you most?
When I travel to other countries, I am constantly inspired by the people I meet. Especially in places like India. Even now, when I write this, it makes me want to go back and take pictures.

How would you describe your personal photographic style?
I’ve never thought of myself having a “style.” I’m not really sure how to describe it. I would be very interested to hear what other people think my “style” is.

Travelling manWhat is most challenging about shooting landscape?
I love to work in busy cities which is always challenging. That’s what makes the pictures interesting and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’ve found myself in some difficult spots, but I always find that a smile and being very open is the way forward.

What importance do you place on the printed presentation of your artwork?
The presentation of the work is absolutely critical and without trying to impress! It’s why I only print with Hahnemühle paper. It really is the very best for my work.grand central

Which is your favourite Hahnemühle paper and why?
German Etching is by far my favourite. I love the delicate texture and the painterly quality it gives my work. I’ve often been asked if some of my pictures are in fact paintings!

Do you have a dream project you would like to realize sometime?
I would love to open a photographic gallery in Manchester or London. Here, I would like to show up and coming photographers work. I think as an art form, some of the “establishment” can be quite dismissive and I would like to show them. They are so wrong by highlighting the amazing talent that’s out there.

What’s next?
More trips to far away places. Looking for more pictures and as I’ve said, hopefully one day a new gallery.

More information about Peter can be found on his website.

From 9th-30th September you will be able to view Peter’s work at Gallery 23 in Stalybridge.


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