At the 2012 photokina, Hahnemühle launched another paper intended for book album printing. In cooperation with designer Michael Sontag and fashion photographer Per Zennström Hahnemühle demonstratd the complete process of a fashion photography shoot at booth D017 in hall 06.1. The latest issue of Hahnemühle´s art magazine UPON PAPER had been part of our booth and last but not least the fine art experts demonstrated the variety and efficiency of precious fine art papers as part of the show ‘see me, feel me, print me’.

Hahnemühle @photokina – the movie

Just have a look at our film from photokina, showing the art-experiment “No Limits” and the edition #2 of Upon Paper, which was released this week. Additionally you can see interviews with the Swedish photographer Per Zennström, the German fashion designer Michael Sontag and the Brasilian photographer Thiago Barros.

Or see more detailed information within this arcticle:

Hahnemühle paper fashion project

Hahnemühle Fashion Project Photokina 2012  Photographer (c) Per ZennströmTitled ‘No Limits – Paper makes creativity visible’, Hahnemühle had shown the complete process of a fashion photography shoot: from the design to the perfect fine art print. To do so, star designer Michael Sontag wraps his models in dresses made of artist paper. Sontag doesn’t draw his collection, he rather works like a sculptor by draping the dresses right on the model. For the demonstrations in booth D017 in hall 06.1 he has created more than 10 dresses. A 30-minute making-of-video shown at the booth featured him creating the single copies.

During the shooting of more than 1900 images at the stand – by fashion photographer Per Zennström – the dresses had been illuminated by different colours and forms, resulting in a permanently changing optical impression of the images and had been printed in top quality. This extraordinary performance could had been admired on every day of the fair. Some pictures taken at Photokina are on Flickr.

Matt Fibre Duo for book and album print  

The new ‘HARMAN Professional Inkjet by Hahnemühle Matt Fibre Duo’ was specially designed for the printing of bound books and albums. It can be printed on both sides and with its grammage of 210gsm it meets the fine art paper standards. At the same time, it’s thin and flexible enough to be bound. When binding books, the paper fibres always should run parallel to the back of the book cover to make turning the pages easier and avoid breakage of the spine. Therefore, the direction of the fibres is identical in all the sheets of a package and indicated on each box.

HARMAN by Hahnemühle MATT FIBRE DUOItalian photographer Nik Barte kindly donates stunning images of his project ‘DUNES – unveiled beauties’ from sand and stone derserts. “The deserts, the sand and the shapes of the dunes, for me, represent the greatest metaphor of live. Inside this environment you can discover the essence and beauty but also the signals of death. I like the full energy of the sun but also the total absence of light, the absolute absence of shapes and shadows in the absolute emptiness opposed to the most beautiful and attractive geometric shapes represented by the sinuosity of the dunes.

And all that, the different grain of the sand, the windmade shapes and my emotions I could feature in my prints on the new HARMAN by Hahnemühle MATT FIBRE DUO creating memorable fine art books and albums.” For more information on the new paper and Nik Barte´s photo project watch the video.

Special show in hall 2.2

In the photokina special show ‘see me, feel me, print me’, all visitors have been not only provided a visual impression of the variety of Hahnemühle papers but can also can felt the tactile qualities, as media samplers of the Digital FineArt Collection papers had been available.

In addition, photokina had seen the launch of the second issue of Hahnemühle´s art magazine UPON PAPER, featuring the main topic ‘Color’.

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