We are looking for sketch fans who want to test our new notebook DiaryFlex. If you like to visualise your thoughts for memorising, learning or simply as a creative pastime, you are an ideal participants for our “Join in” draw.

Diary_FlexWe are giving away three DiaryFlex – the indivudal notebook from Hahnemühle with a refill concept. The blank, lined or dotted notebooks are interchangeable. This trendy book can become your personal diary: the 160 pages offer enough room for all of your daily thoughts and ideas. The natural white 100gsm paper is perfectly suited for fountain pens, pens, fine-liners, crayons or pencils. The exclusive black cover is robust and protects the contents of DiaryFlex perfectly. And when the notebook is filled with your sketches and notes, you do not need to say farewell to your DiaryFlex: you can fill the cover again and again with the various replacement booklets on offer. Just pull the booklet out of the cover and replace with either a plain, ruled or dotted pack. Diary_Flex_3

Are you curious and would like to test a Hahnemühle DiaryFlex? Then apply with a comment below this post until May 8, 2016 (12 pm CET). Write in the comment, where and how do you use sketch notes, why you want to win a DiaryFlex and what ruling (blank, lined or dotted) you prefer? If you are blogger, we appreciate if you give us your blog URL. But even non-bloggers are welcome to participate.

We are giving away three filled DiaryFlex with one refill each. The refill booklet should be sent back to us with a few pages of sketches and notes until May 31, 2016. We would love to share the visualised ideas of our fans on Hahnemühle social media channels. We look forward to seeing your creations!Diary_Flex_2

  1. Sean-michael gettys

    I would love to try all the types of refill booklets on these because I use lined notebooks for bullet journaling, but primarily I use blank sketchbooks and loved my previous hahnemuhle sketchbook. You can see some of my work on Instagram @smgettysart, on Facebook as Sean-Michael Gettys Art or on the Sktchy app as Sean-Michael Gettys. I love to use fountain pens, and sometimes ballpoint, micron, and watercolor but in this sketchbook would likely not do wet work unless it was fountain pen sketches with a light water rush like this: https://instagram.com/p/BEWvT_bAe-Q/

  2. Harvey Rudkin

    Like to sketch and journal in my sketch books. Looks an ideal size for mobility.

  3. Jacki Larcombe

    I would love to try the blank page DiaryFlex. I use all sorts of media for sketching from pencil to ink pens. I actually have a new set of pens that I am about to try out, so one of these books would be perfect. I like to have a sketch book on me when I am out and about with my dogs, and I also like to take one to art class. My current sketch book is nearly full, so I would love one of these.

  4. Barbara James

    I sketch most days in cafes or perhaps at a National Trust property. I have been using your fantastic pastel paper to work up some of these sketches. I would love to try the Plain DIARYFLEX , it looks just what I need.

  5. Jo Lillywhite

    I would love a blank page DiaryFlex. I’m always seeing things that I want to capture when I’m out and about. The iPhone never catches quite enough detail – sketches are much better. I use pastels predominantly and love to draw. Also, I’d like my own sketchbook because my seven year old daughter is a budding artist and is always pinching mine!

  6. Cherry Lyons

    These new books seem to meet all my sketchersize needs – so valuable for note taking, drawing, sketching and plein air painting – I never go anywhere without a sketchbook – handbag, coat pockets, car, rucksack, studio, house, holidays. I’d love to test them for you and share my experience

  7. Lauretta Milligan

    Summer has finally arrived and now is an ideal time to go out walking and take a sketch book. Ideal size to fit into a bag with watercolours and pencil – good quality paper and a good name!

  8. david Gibbons

    I DO EXPERIMENTAL work and love trying new media/methods and a portable sketchbook ,will be with me wherever I go

  9. Caroline Green

    Summer is on its way and the warmer weather is ideal for sketching outside – all the fascinating people who stand about or move more slowly when it is warm, as well as the lovely gardens and buildings that I can sketch without freezing. These pads look ideal for carrying in my pocket or handbag, but the actual sketchpad part can be stored more easily when it is full.

  10. Caroline Green

    See 10 above – yes, these pads are ideal to sketch discreetly in public (I don’t really like too much attention when I am sketching) and will keep all the sketches clean and uncreased until the pad is full – I would love one and would probably fill them in a matter of weeks!

  11. Mickie Sutcliffe

    I love to stroll along the sea front with my sketch book to capture images of summer. Be it people, gardens, the sailing regatta or even the lowly seagulls; there’s a place in my sketchbook for them and the DiaryFlex looks as though it would very easily fit in my pocket. Think it would also find its way into the glove compartment of my car for those excursions into the countryside, not to mention stately homes and gardens. In a nutshell, it would be a very useful item to have!

  12. Joanna McInnes

    I was sketching in Madrid last week but sadly lost my handbag and therefore my sketches, This notebook looks better than the one I lost and I like the possibility of refilling it. I’d like to have one of these as I’m sure it would inspire me to do my best work! I sketch people in cafes and paintings or statues in museums.

  13. Lori North

    I have never kept a sketch book even though I am constantly told it is important. I think I have never found one that inspires me enough to carry it around all the time. This one could be the answer, I might surprise myself

  14. Malcolm M Bullock

    Thanks – your email reminded me I bought a sketch diary of yours in march 2014 from Porthmadog and prompted me to dig it out. The comment on the first page is how impressed I am with the paper as ink, one of my prefered mediums, does not bleed through the paper. Now re found I will keep it handy and use it 🙂

  15. Teresa Benton

    As a lady of a certain age, I need help to remember my colourful and creative thoughts…this would be an ideal helper! I always get my best ideas when I am out and never have anything in which to record them.

  16. Terry Finnegan

    I love sketching when I travel and have an upcoming trip to Sweden this month and it would be great to try out the new DiaryFlex. I’m also starting up a sketch group this month so it would provide a lovely sample. Sketching people, locations and everyday items, in pen,pencil or watercolour often as reference for artworks and paintings.

  17. Heidi Wilson

    Thank you all for your entries into our prize draw. The winners have been picked! Could Jacki Larcombe, Mickie Sutcliffe and Malcolm M Bullock please send me an email and we will arrange for your prizes to be sent out. My email address is heidi.wilson@hahnemuehle.com

    • Bettina Scheerbarth

      Dear Sylke,
      this promo is over. Stay tuned for new “Join in” campaings.

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