Wash, Set, Klick! – Portrait Series "Hairdressers" by Astrid Schulz

A rather unconventional series by London-based artist Astrid Schulz  will be exhibited in Saarbruecken (Germany) for a second time from April, 13 to May, 13 2016. Inspired by the content of the novel “The Daughters of Egalia” (by Norwegian writer Gerd Mjøen Brantenberg) the photographer questions social stereotypes and photographic clichés. For her project ‘Hairdressers’ Astrid swapped gender based positions – her protagnists are men at a hair saloon, wearing curlers on their heads and in their beards. ‘Hairdressers’ have been selected to highlight the opening event at the German Hairstylists convention in Saarbrücken at Handwerkskammer des Saarlandes (Trade Cooperation of Saarland).


Black & White in reduction and perfection – interview with photographer Joerg Karrenbauer

The photographic gaze focuses on the significant pixel; the visual sense reduced perception to black, white and all shades of grey. In this way monochromatic images with a timeless, surreal and sometimes monumental character arises. Joerg Karrenbauer, photographer and curator from Saarbrücken (Germany), photographs exclusively in black and white and prints his works superbly on Hahnemühle paper. We cooperate with the artist who successfully participates in international competitions and exhibits. The video for our Hahnemühle FineArt Inkjet Leather Albums is a joint creation and we collaborated in the new packaging image for our Certificates of Authenticity. Now we have asked Joerg Karrenbauer for an interview.


Interview with Henthorne; well known black & white landscape photographer

Jason Henthorne is an international award-winning artist who works in the medium of high contrast black and white photography. Influenced primarily by his passion for the oceans of the world, these intersections of ocean and earth provide the backdrop for his minimalistic ethereal visions of cumulative time. For his latest project Between Worlds” he cooperated with sandsulpture artist Amador and Hahnemühle. We are pleased to present an insight of black/white seascape photography by the American photographer.


Jim Image 2

Jim Mortram: "My photographs are about the endurance some people need just to survive"

This blog post features Jim Mortram. A talented photographer who captures the everyday lives of those who lives in Dereham (County of Norfolk, UK, which is very local to the Hahnemühle UK’s office)
Jim only takes photographs in a 3 mile radius of his local village. He captures with empathy many of the difficulties in life with people living off benefits, self-harm and even people looking after a relative with an illness like himself. Jim believes, “my photographs are about the endurance some people need just to survive.”  The most important thing is telling their story. So he does with his images.


Month of Wedding Photography: Q&A with Florian Commaille (France)

When did you discover your passion for photography?
When I was a kid, I watched my father taking pictures on our family holidays with his analog camera. He loved to shoot sunsets and monuments at night. Even thought I had my first digital camera at the age of 20, we can say I had this desire deep inside of me for years. It is when I began going on holidays by myself, by the French coast of the Basque Country and the Bretagne, that the passion woke up.florian commailles

How did you come to the world of Wedding photography?
Honestly, it was a by accident. At the beginning, it wasnt really a personal wish, as photography for me is related to calm, to recouping by discovering magic places. I liked to take my time, and let the places I discovered surprise me, for the landscapes pictures and special motifs I discovered in the towns I visited. Over time, friends who liked my photographic style asked me to shoot their weddings. At first I refused, because it’s a big responsibility to shoot alone a whole wedding. At this time, I didn’t think I had the skills to do that, and I kept taking my pictures. I took pictures at gigs, then did shootings for dancers and musicians, then took pictures of newborns for friends, and at last, I did shoot some weddings.


100 years of Leica photography: "10 x 10" exhibition on Hahnemühle Paper

Together Leica Camera AG and Hahnemühle, represent 530 years German corporate history and stand for two iconic brands and products “Made in Germany”. At the opening of the Leitz Park in Wetzlar, the new Leica headquarters, both manufacturers team up in the high-caliber exhibition “10 x 10” in the new Leica Gallery. Read more in…