How filter paper is made?

What is filter paper made of? What quality requirements do these technical papers meet? For which applications can they be used? Can Hahnemühle develop papers according to individual customer requirements? Answers to these questions are provided more

Achema 2015 – Visitors caricatured on Hahnemühle filter paper

Visitors had a lot of fun during their visit at the Hahnemühle booth. Marc Robitzky, Illustrator caused this with his cartoons, laughter and joy. Temporarily, people had to wait in long queues, but this opened the opportunity to watch the artist creating the artworks. The enclosed gallery presents a selection of the sketches on Hahnemühle filter paper. …


Filtech 2015 – Focus on Customer Filter Paper Solutions

An open stand concept welcomed Hahnemühle visitors at this year Filtech. In a briliant light and in a pleasent way presented the paper company itself. Pure filter paper reels on the wall invited visitors to receive an visually and hapticimpressions of the quality papers. Many hands touched and felt the papers made from cellulose, cotton…


New Filtration Unit for the Microbiology- replaces three traditional components of Filtration

For the first time Hahnemühle FineArt will present at analytica 2014 a new filtration unit for microbiology . The 3 -in-1 system replaces the traditional components : vacuum pump with silencer, vacuum bottle and suction bar. The super flat housing features  three positions for the filter units as well as a quiet extremely powerful low-noise pump are integrated. The compact system allows a much faster sample throughput , is space-saving and easy to clean.