Small, black and versatile – embellish a Hahnemühle Black Book with your artwork

Hahnemühle starts a new join in campaign. We are searching for creative fans from the UK who like scrapbooking, calligraphy, pastel or sketching and would like to embellish one Hahnemühle Black Book. The ring binder with the black pages is originally intended for sketches and pastels with contrasting colours. But is also wonderful for other…


A decleration of love for Hahnemühle Sketch Books by illustrator Virginia Romo

I have a thing with square little sketchbooks. There are always a couple of them in my drawer. It happened to me once that I needed a new one and they had run out of them in my usual art supplies shop and I had to buy non-square one. Ever since then, when I go downtown, no matter what, I go to the shop and buy one or two (or three) of the Hahnemühle square sketchbooks.  That is how I came to a little collection of square D&S Sketch Books by Hahnemühle.


Art project "Recording – mutual all by themselves" by Marc Robitzky, Illustrator

Hahnemuehle newsroomSince I can remember, I always liked drawing and painting and analysing my surrounding like a detective does. I always claim that drawing explained life to me.

My first step with art began at school age, when I made had my first graffiti jobs. The next step to start a design study was therefore not far off. I studied at the Hamburg Technical School of Art and at the Frankfurt Academy of Communication and Design. During my studying time I began to illustrate stories. At first, comics called “Gossip Comic” which were published on a monthly base in Aschaffenburg city magazine. At the same time I gained an interest for children’s books, as well as political cartoons in newspapers.