Peter Aitchison- travel photographer only trusts Hahnemühle paper

“I only print with Hahnemühle paper. It really is the very best for my work” stated British travel photographer Peter Aitchison in our Q&A.
30 years ago, Peter began his career training as a studio assistant. He then eventually moved on to being a stills photographer on The Big Breakfast – a British light entertainment television show on screen till 2002. Through various other jobs and projects, he soon realised that travel was his main feature. This is when Peter decided to focus more on his travelling projects. He has visited many countries and main cities including Morocco, India, Paris and New York.
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'Indiana Jones' on tour – with Hahnemühle Travel Booklets

“In the field I have a notebook, of course. Somewhere in my backpack or satchel. But I also have an additional ‘Hahnemühle Travel Booklet’ always at hand. This one’s for those occasional scenes, you find interesting or important enough to capture in a quick sketch. It needs to be small and thin, but yet sturdy enough for a couple of weeks in the pocket of my pants or a shirt. Even more important: the paper. When it comes to adding some colour, the wheat’s separating from the chaff – pretty annoying if you’re collection of travel sketches is ruined by watercolour bleeding through, isn’t it? That’s why I was pretty happy when I finally found the ‘Travel Booklets’. Rough and tough, quality paper, and pocket sized. Never going on a journey without one or two of these” stated Jens Notroff, German archaeologist, artist, world traveler. Read more on his expeditions which reminds on Indiana Jones.