All handmade: Wedding albums by Brian Ho

Focusing on the perfect moment to press the shutter button, the tonality, the graininess of the images … Who still photographed as a photographer on film, has good reasons for the elaborate way to take photos. Despite of taking their images analog many photographers print digital in inkjet technology on Hahnemühle papers. As fine art prints on genuine artist paper they guarantee higher longivity than darkroom prints, a wider color gamut and countless displayable nuances in black and gray. Brian Ho is a wedding photographer from Singapore and photographs still on film. His handmade prints and albums are perfectly crafted. We invite him for an interview.


Month of Wedding Photography: Q&A with Florian Commaille (France)

When did you discover your passion for photography?
When I was a kid, I watched my father taking pictures on our family holidays with his analog camera. He loved to shoot sunsets and monuments at night. Even thought I had my first digital camera at the age of 20, we can say I had this desire deep inside of me for years. It is when I began going on holidays by myself, by the French coast of the Basque Country and the Bretagne, that the passion woke up.florian commailles

How did you come to the world of Wedding photography?
Honestly, it was a by accident. At the beginning, it wasnt really a personal wish, as photography for me is related to calm, to recouping by discovering magic places. I liked to take my time, and let the places I discovered surprise me, for the landscapes pictures and special motifs I discovered in the towns I visited. Over time, friends who liked my photographic style asked me to shoot their weddings. At first I refused, because it’s a big responsibility to shoot alone a whole wedding. At this time, I didn’t think I had the skills to do that, and I kept taking my pictures. I took pictures at gigs, then did shootings for dancers and musicians, then took pictures of newborns for friends, and at last, I did shoot some weddings.


Month of Wedding Photography: Q & A Eternalized wedding moments by Eye Jogia (UK)

“Together we see, feel and encapsulate the love, energy, excitement and fun that makes a wedding. Whether it’s the natural moments, details (large or small), or beautiful portraits, we will understand and convey the bond between the bride and groom and pour our heart and soul into making the images meaningful.” Sanjay and Roshni Jogia are EYE Jogia Photography from London – named as the best six wedding photographers of the world by UK Professional Photographer Magazine in 2014. Eye Jogia specialise in Asian Wedding Photography and Indian Wedding Photography in a documentary, photojournalistic and artistic fashion style covering the whole of London, Nation wide in England, Europe, The Unites States of America, China, Thailand and Africa. The couple describe their work with ‘love & light’ and we are happy to have the opportunity to interview Sanjay Jogia (The Soul) of Eye Jogia to learn more about his work, influencers, photographic style and how important Hahnemühle´s Digital FineArt paper is to eternalize the luxury weddings he and his wifes shoot. Eye Jogia Photography also won 8 separate awards for images at the annual Societies Wedding and Portrait Photographers Convention in January 2015.


Month of Wedding Photography: Q & A Luxury Albums for Couples by Jared Windmüller (Brazil)

Launched at Photokina in 2012, the exclusive Hahnemühle FineArt Inkjet Photo Album concept has been enthusiastically received by photographers. The albums are available as customisable systems, with two exclusive leather covers and four Digital FineArt papers to choose from – two for double-side printing. After all, special pictures not only require the best paper, but also a classy presentation. And Brazilian wedding photographer Jared Windmüller add a special luxury detail to his high-class albums: gilded srews for couples who order these extras. The photogrpaher stated on  the new Hahnemühle FineArt Inkjet Photo Album: “Wedding photography is business and art at the same time. Being a photographer who wants to fulfil the demanding wishes of my bridal couples, I print luxury albums. I see a clear trend to these precious portfolios by Hahnemühle.” We at Hahnemühle are happy to collaborate with Jared Windmüller, e.g. with a wedding motif for our sample book showcasing all papers and canvases of our Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection. And we are thrilled that Jared answered our  Q&A for our blog special ‘Month of Wedding Photography’. Enjoy reading!


Month of Wedding Photography: Q & A Printed emotions in mini or maxi by Luka Zanic (Croatia)

“Don´t forget those emotions” is the wonderful motto of Luka Zanic and his wedding prints on Hahnemühle paper. The Croatian photographer points out that there is a important difference between photography and printed fine photography – wether in small format on our Hahnemühle Photo Cards or on Hahnemühle FineArt Inkjet Leather Albums to last for generations. Luka creates outstanding prints and recorded the results in insightful videos we love to share. Several times we reported on his work and ask him to take part in our Blog Special on the “Month of wedding photography” in May. Enjoy our Q & A session and the linked videos.


Month of Wedding Photography: Q & A Magical Photo Books by Jen Huang and Neve Albums (USA)

Welcome to our “Blog Special” in May! Traditionally the ‘wedding month’ in Germany – where our paper manufacture is producing finest paper since 431 years. Even for wedding photography.
Spring is about to burst, the light is bright … so it´s the right time to say “yes”. A lot of photographers in the wedding business say “yes” to our fine art paper when it comes to photographs, portfolios, albums or books to keep the memories of all those ceremonial, breathtaking or heartwarming moments of a wedding. To capture love stories, small gestures, great feelings or unforgetable moods in picture stories photographers love our Digital FineArt Paper for its ability to preserve these moments in inkjet prints that stay the test of time.

So let´s ask some weddings photographers from all over the world on their success in the business and why they trust the market leading inkjet fine art papers by Hahnemühle – Matt,  glossy or our canvas. All of them praise our paper for an outstanding colour gamut, density and resolution paired with the extraordinary haptics of genuine artist paper. This combination results in brilliant and crisp keepsaking archival inkjet prints which could be showcased mounted, in frames, portfolio boxes, albums or binded books for generations.

The first photographer in our  Q & A is Jen Huang from USA. She proudly contributed one of her motifs to our Hahnemühle Sample Book of all our Digital FineArt Papers. With her husband from Neve Albums she create the worthiest presents for a couple: magical wedding books filled with prints of their precious moments on our double-side printable Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Book & Album Paper or the deckle-edge papers Photo Rag®, William Turner or Museum Etching.