A red-bellied apple, two ripe pears, a bouquet of white marguerites – a colourful still life painting by Gerard Hendriks decorates the Hahnemühle box filled with 30 watercolour postcards. It is the 9th edition of the postcard box, which is launched annually in a limited edition. The small metal boxes with the changing cover motifs have become a collectors’ item. So, if you want to have your own little treasure chest with Gerard Hendrik´s painting filled with watercolour postcards be quick: we are selling 20,000 boxes worldwide.

Every year we ask a new artist to design the cover of the small metal box. The Dutch artist Gerard Hendriks paints a lot on Hahnemühle papers – such as the watercolour board Andalucia. He was thrilled by our request to paint the motive for the edition´s box 2016/2017. In a short interview he tells us why he also likes to paint in miniature on the 10 x 15 cm postcards (4.0 x 5.9 “) and to whom he would give the tiny box as a present.


How do you like Hahnemühles watercolour postcards in the small metal box?
The box has a nice size and it looks very attractive. The content consists of 30 postcards of a beautiful quality paper for painting. And of course, I am very proud that my watercolour appears on the cover.

In which technique did you paint the motif for the 9th edition of the limited box?
It´s a still life painting with flowers and fruits painted in a light, airy expressionistic style and with vivid colours. In the marguerites the paper white comes into life.

Whom would you give a watercolour postcard box as present?
I have many painter friends who like to use them as an urban sketcher or plein air painter. They can send me a selfmade postcard from all over the world. Everyone can paint the cards first and then use the small metal box as a practical holder for painting utensils. I give my grandchildren a box of watercolour postcards. They are great to teach them to be creative in a playful way.

Peruvian artist Antonio Valiente shows the watercolour postcard box of the 8th edition in his video. Get yourself inspired!

  1. Susie von Ammon

    Gerard Henriks is one of my favorite artists! Can you let me know from whom I can purchase the watercolor postcards with his artwork on the tin?? I would be so grateful –

    Thank you. Susie von Ammon

  2. I had an opportunity to visit a booth by Hahnemuhle at one of the trade show ImagingUSA. And since then I have fallen in love with the paper. Love the fact that you’ll have paper for so many different applications and specially in this day and world of digitizing everything. I would love to get to test out more paper but it’s very hard to find a local retailer here in the southeast region of USA.
    But would love to order some from the website at some point of need.
    Thank you.

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