Draw your way to more peace and serenity with our YouTangle.art cards! For the creative break Hahnemühle now offers tangle cards – also called tiles – in a stylish metal box. Each box contains 25 cards of the perfect paper for the trendy, meditative drawing. The square tiles with rounded edges allow smooth, precise lines with fineliners and pencils. Tangle artists use also colored pencils, gel and brush pens and also ink markers.

The 9×9 cm cards are offered by Hahnemühle in a hands storage, metal box. The cards – painted or unpainted – are held like in a treasure box and are easy to carry. With YouTangle.art you can draw anywhere at anytime with a couple of pens.
©Matthias Hennig_Tangle Tile 6We have asking the artist Virginia Romo and Matthias Hennig to test our new YouTangle.art cards. A first conclusion of artist-illustrator Virginia Romo says it all: “Caution, to tangle with Hahnemühle YouTangle.art cards is addictive! I love floral and folkloristic motives and use the cards even as gift tags or the like. I´d tested with different pens – fine liners , markers, permanent markers or even completely normal ball pen – and everyYouTangle.art as gift tagthing works fine, the colors do not bleed, do not smudge and are very quick to dry. It is really very pleasant to draw on the YouTangle.art cards ”

To tangle usually means to draw easy or abstract motifs or patterns again and again. In the repetition lays the meditative potential of this kind of art. And art does not mean that drawing tangles is only for creatively inclined people. Everyone can tangle!  Tangle motifs live on – not necessarily quite exact – repeating a pattern which makes them appear alive and handmade. The original pattern can be found outdoors or developed from imagination. Memories of a floral motif, or the views of paving stones in the garden can already lead to great ideas. Tangled patterns were brought to life through the clear black and white contrast or thrifty colorations. For tangling the theorem applies “What goes through the hand, goes in the head.” The repetitions in drawing the patterns lead to a holistic relaxation that is felt as ‘Flow’: In doing without thinking, to weigh and to plan the results lays the m©Matthias Hennig_Tangle Tile 4ediative force. Tanglen becomes intuitive, once you’ve begun.

Hahnemühle´s YouTangle.art tiles are small invitations to draw on. Their size is not overwhelming, they are just right sized to finish even a small work of art in the foreseeable time. Designer Matthias Hennig is a “pattern expert” and therefore for us the ideal tester for YouTangle-art: “The cards have a beautiful, handy format. Thanks to the rounded corners is little risk that form ‘donkey ears’ when you use the cards several times. They also act by even without framing as ‘finished objects’. For me, the cards are best suited for abstract or fantasy motifs.”

YouTangle.art Box and TilesThe YouTangle.art cards are available now your artist dealer.

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